Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bovine Excrement- veggies

I was listening to a podcast I got off iTunes. It is the Vegan Freak Podcast. It is episode 101, and they are talking with a guy called the Angry Hippie. This guy has his own podcast and he talks about politics, animal rights and stupid people (It sounds like my kind of podcast). He was talking about people who say they are vegetarians or vegans, but yet they eat meat, or diary. He calls them bull****atarians. I agree. I know a few people like that. My brother's friend's family eats white meat, but they call themselves vegetarians.
I have an idea forming in my head. I was thinking of doing a presentation at my school about animal rights. Most kids I know love animals, but they have not been shown what really happens to your McNuggets. I think if they saw it they would be disgusted. That is what happened to me. I read a book about how animals are slaughtered, and I became a vegetarian (the real kind). I saw a video by PETA showing the exact cruelties I heard about and I became a vegan. It is a ten minute video, so on a day we are doing nothing in science class (this is science) I thought maybe I could show the video and get the people to do a worksheet about different kinds of animals. Hopefully I would have a lot less meat eaters.
I also have to have a serious talk with my reading teacher about this stupid lexile system. I don't feel like going into detail right now, but basically there is a system in place that discourages loving reading and prevents children from reading books they enjoy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Procrastination, my biggest talent

Well I finished my essay but I didn't type it yet, so I've finished half the battle. I'm going to bring it too my teacher on Monday and ask her which quote I should use. In the mean time I better start working on my other homework. I'm feeling lazy today. I definetly need some m&m's (motivation and music). I really want to clean my room. My bed hasn't actually been made in about 3 weeks. This week is the last week before Holiday vacation. I can't wait, the famous four (my least favorite classmates) and I really need a break.
One last thing I want to share with you. I had to get teacher reccomendations to enter this pre-IB program, and every single one of my teachers gave me all 5's but my reading teacher gave me a 4 in communication skills! I can't believe that. I'm trying to not let it bother me too much, but I seriously think she doesn't like me. Of course I'm shy and all, but there is no need to.... Well anyways it was only a four. Hopefully the people reviewing my thing will think she is messed up in the head. So I'm off to clean my room.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Never have I been more happy...

I've been looking up vegan quotes for an essay I have to do to enter a high school program. It is the IB program and I really hope I get into it. Otherwise high school will be devastating. This week has been boring. I was sick most of the time. I have a sore throat, and now I think I'm getting an ear infection as well. I think I should have Green Tea every morning in addition to my oatmeal. I don't really like orange juice. My mom won't buy an organic kind (it is only twice the price). I really don't want to drink Tropicana or that other junk we have. I live near a Tropicana plant and it is an eye sore as well as stinky. I also think corporations in general are stupid and I would prefer to buy from a company that cares to care, not because it looks good and sells a product. One last thing I think there a three types of people in this world, murderers, vegetarians and vegans. You wouldn't eat your dog/cat so why would you eat a pig/cow. I've been a vegetarian for a year and I can tell you I have no desire to eat meat anymore than I have a desire to eat you. I'm also very strong. I beat all of my friends at arm wrestling (well except for one but her arm is 3 times the size of mine and I'm not even joking.)
Well anyways, these quotes make me very happy to be a vegan. I want to share some of my favorites with you:

Howard Lyman If you visit the killing floor of a slaughterhouse, it will brand your soul for life.

Leo Tolstoy A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.

Ruth Harrison, author of Animal Machines In fact, if one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to be cruelty, but where a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially in the name of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sums of money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwise intelligent people.

Neal D. Barnard, M.D., President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Washington, D.C. The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined. If beef is your idea of 'real food for real people,' you'd better live real close to a real good hospital.

Franz Kafka, while admiring fish in an aquarium Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you any more.

Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) What is it that should trace the insuperable line? ...The question is not, Can they reason? nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?

Charles Mayo (founder of the Mayo linic) I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil.

George Bernard Shaw, writer, Nobel laureate (1856-1950) When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity.

Albert Einstein It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.

Gail Shepherd "And the kicker: "Our demand for meat, dairy, and processed carbohydrates drives us to consume way more calories than are good for us; and those calories are in foods that cause, not prevent, disease. The evidence is very clear that plants promote health." "We need to jump on this bandwagon and hang on for our lives if our kids are going to live in a world we'd even faintly recognize — if, for that matter, they live to see it at all."

Casey Affleck “Chickens, cows, and pigs in factory farms spend their whole lives in filthy, cramped conditions—only to die a prolonged and painful death. Their bodies are then turned into food products proven to contribute to heart disease and cancer. To eat that is to eat poison.”

Robert Cohen "Death, pain, and torture, by any other name, cannot sanitize the great injustice we do to animals."

Paul Harvey
Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals' suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don't vote."

Isaac Bashevis Singer "People often say that humans have always eaten animals, as if this is a justification for continuing the practice. According to this logic, we should not try to prevent people from murdering other people, since this has also been done since the earliest of times." As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Three fifths compromise

I learned about something at school today, it is called the three fifths compromise. Basically they states didn't know how to count slaves with taxes, and count them in the population. So they counted 3/5 of the slave population of that state. Just a fun fact, it has nothing what so ever to do with my post. My mom is getting really mad at my school, and for some reason I love this! She drove me and my brother to school today (we normally take the bus, even though our bus driver is psycho. We want to carpool and save the Earth! I'm kidding, my parents don't want to waste gas, but it is basically the same thing.) Anyways this lady in front of her was going really slow so my mom screams, "Is she waiting for the second coming of Christ?!?!"It was more the way she said it than what she actually said. My friends found it funny so I thought I would give it a shot.

That brings up the next question why was my mom so mad at my school? Well she wants to get a form so I can be in an pre-IB program at another school. She called 5 times and asked for them to give me a form, so finally today she got one.

I'm not doing very well with my goals, on Monday I have to tell my reading teacher The Devil's Arthimetic thing. I have no clue what she is going to say and that is why I'm scared.

I'm reading the book Jane Eyre I'm on Chapter 2, but I like it so far. I'm going to try and read all of the classics before I get out of school. They are the only books that actually challenge me. I have to read slow and sometimes re-read. I like Dracula so far, I love the way Bram describes this guy's fear, it is so real.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Get into the Groove!

I'm starting a few things today here they are

  • Not care what other people think of me

  • Learn more

  • Post a picture with each of my entries

Yeah I'm not too ambitous today. These goals are going to be hard for me. Especially the first one. I'm extremely shy, I don't usually talk above a whisper in public places for fear that someone will be listening to my conversation and think I'm stupid. I'm just now realizing how ridiculous that is, besides why do I care what a complete stranger thinks of me. Afterall I don't care what my dog thinks of me and he is definetly more important than someone I'm probably never going to see again.

The picture has my pledge on it with all the typical american symbolisms. It's all I could think of (and execute) in a pinch. I like it, but I think I'm going to change it to include people, but then it might be too busy and distracting.

Well I'm going to go to to work on my Spanish and Geography. I hope you have a great day and week.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rewrite the pledge

A couple of days ago I was talking about how annoying the "writer in my head" was being. That night I could not sleep and as it was nearing midnight I whipped out my 5 subject spiral bound notebook and wrote away. Seeing as I'm feeling uninspired today I'll share that essay with you. Any comments or remarks you may have please share, I have no idea how to edit!

Key: original speech, just added now, omitted but written on original copy, omitted now my comments.
Word/Quote/Speech that inspired me throughout this essay:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation, under god, indivisible with
liberty and justice for all."
Rough Draft
Quite Frankly the Pledge of Allegiance means nothing to me. If anything it is a daily reminder of the hypocrisy and injustice that occurs daily. There are 3 main region lines that I find undeniably contradictory as well as untruthful. "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." what has tho i How is a piece of fabric going to help me? "One nation under god.." What happened to freedom of religion, or therefore having to ability not to believe in god (atheism). "With liberty and justice for all." Is it justice that I have to my parents have to pay taxes for a pathetic excuse of a public school system? I think not.
I haven't even delved into the surface of these idiocies. I'll start out with "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...." The flag really doesn't care about your allegiance. Actually the flag isn't even alive so I doubt it cares about much of anything. Of course I realize the flag is a silly symbolism of America and pledging your allegiance to your country, but if that is true why not say "I pledge allegiance to the people of the United states of America..." It makes seems more logical to ally with something that is actually alive.
I know Shocker! Some people don't believe in god. Run out and convert them as quickly as possible. (In case you didn't know, that was sarcasm back there a sarcastic remark). Isn't America supposed to welcome immigrants and other people who are different? (Welcome does not mean, "Make fun of accent or belief.") Even our your money says, "One nation under god." Coul With our your "American Ingenuity" couldn't you have come up with something more original and friendly than that? Such as, "One people united..." or "One people of common values." My use o The reason I changed nation to people is the gov nation is run by the people for the people. When I'm starting school I would rather think of people like my neighbors, than people like George W. Bush.
I saved the biggest bug for last. "Liberty and Justice for all...". The pledge should be based off of truth and reality. Not someones ideal of the perfect American society. Do I'm sure you or someone you know has complained about unjust treatment of people in America. Who is regulating that everyone gets justice? Well, the justice system of course. You complain, and they come skipping towards you offering to imprison your boss for firing you for no good reason your potential employer, because you suspect discrimination (again, sarcasm). I think the person (most likely a man, because a women aren't offered wouldn't be trusted to write something this important) I'm talking about a long time ago when people started saying a pledge thought that this was how the justice system actually works. When in fact it is very hard to prove you were in fact fired because of your race, religion, gender, appearance. discrimination. It wouldn't be worth it. There is the lawyer to pay and all that time you spent. an stress that you went through.
What is the solution? Rewrite the pledge! Or if you don't have the time use my version! It is based off of the original, but with my own improvements and suggest. Next time everyone stands up to pledge allegiance; look at the person next to you and say:
I pledge allegiance to the people of the United States of America
and to the gov nation for which they stand
one people of common values with free public lawyers for everyone.
I'm not joking, and I'm not making the Pledge of Allegiance a joke. I believe that it should tell the truth, just as witnesses on a trial are expected to. I also think my pledge will appeal to more people seeing as it is in layman's terms, so everyone is able to understand the meaning. I'm not forcing this on anyone. If you want to continue talking to a piece of fabric by all means go ahead. Don't be surprised disappointed if it doesn't live up to it's do all it promises.
2nd copy
Quite Frankly the Pledge of Allegiance means nothing to me. If anything it is a daily reminder of the hypocrisy and injustice that occurs daily. There are 3 main lines that I find undeniably contradictory as well as untruthful. "I pledge allegiance to the flag..." How is a piece of fabric going to help me? "One nation under god.." What happened to freedom of religion, or therefore having to ability not to believe in god (atheism)? "With liberty and justice for all." Is it justice my parents have to pay taxes for a pathetic excuse of a public school system? I think not.
I haven't even delved into the surface of these idiocies. I'll start out with "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...." The flag really doesn't care about your allegiance. Actually the flag isn't even alive so I doubt it cares about much of anything. Of course I realize the flag is a symbolism of America, and pledging your allegiance to your country, but if that is true why not say "I pledge allegiance to the people of the United states of America..." It seems more logical to ally with something that is actually alive.
Shocker! Some people don't believe in god. Run out and convert them as quickly as possible. (In case you didn't know, that was a sarcastic remark). Isn't America supposed to welcome immigrants and other people who are different? (Welcome does not mean, "Make fun of accent or belief.") Even our your money says, "One nation under god." With your "American Ingenuity" couldn't you have come up with something more original and friendly than that? Such as, "One people united..." or "One people of common values." The reason I changed nation to people is the nation is run by the people, for the people. When I'm starting school I would rather think of people like my neighbors, than people like George W. Bush.
I saved the biggest bug for last. "Liberty and Justice for all...". The pledge should be based off of truth and reality. Not someones ideal of the perfect American society. I'm sure you or someone you know has complained about unjust treatment of people in America. Who is regulating that everyone gets justice? Well, the justice system of course. You complain, and they come skipping towards you offering to imprison your potential employer, because you suspect discrimination (again, sarcasm). I think the person thought that this was how the justice system actually works. When in fact it is very hard to prove you were in fact not hired because of discrimination. It wouldn't be worth it. There is all that time and stress that you went through.
What is the solution? Rewrite the pledge! It is based off of the original, but with my own improvements. Next time everyone stands up to pledge allegiance; look at the person next to you and say:
I pledge allegiance to the people of the United States of America
and to the nation for which they stand
one people of common values
with public lawyers for everyone.
I'm not joking, and I'm not making the Pledge of Allegiance a joke. I believe that it should tell the truth, just as witnesses on a trial are expected to. I also think my pledge will appeal to more people seeing as it is in layman's terms, so everyone is able to understand the meaning. I'm not forcing this on anyone. If you want to continue talking to a piece of fabric by all means go ahead. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't live up to it's promises.
The 2nd copy is the completed essay all put together and edited as of now. I would like to apologize in advance if this hurts any one's feelings or anyone feels I'm making fun of the pledge. If you want to use my pledge please do, but don't take credit for it. (my blog is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License) This license means you can share or distribute and transmit my work, as long as you give me credit and don't sell or alter anything on this page. I'm certainly going to recite my pledge at school on Monday, though I doubt anyone will notice.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Delete, Delete, Delete!

I do this thing where I form blog entries, novel ideas, or short stories inside my head. Oh no horrible you; you have creativity!(sarcastic of course) It is starting to bug me. Just when I close my eyes to drift off to dream land BOOM! my mind starts composing blog entries, or poems. That isn't even the worst part, eventually I convince myself *well that doesn't sound half bad* then I go to right and I remember maybe half of what (Just 1 minute ago) I composed. Wanna guess who I'm going to blame for this? Me (No, I'm a kid, remember, that whole I don't accept responsibilties for my actions thing =) ), My Parents (No).....The Public school system! =) Yes! They are not challenging me what so ever! If I had a chance to excercise my mind writing creativily thourghout the day I would not have this problem. This is why my blog is ever so important at this time. If I can't leave the public school system I'm determined to be the biggest pain in the neck who ever lived (Move over Dracula!)
Speaking of Dracula, I found this really great used book store place. You can drop your old books off for credit. Then when you buy books 50% of the payment is in store credit, and 50% in cash. My dad bought four books for me (as well as a puzzle for my mom, a couple books for himself, and a book for my brother; I know you really care about that!) They are
  • The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
  • The Jungle (Upton Sinclair)
  • The Plague Tales (Ann Benson)
  • Dracula (Bram Stoker)

As of now I'm looking up vocab words for Dracula, because I'm going to read that first and I'm not a wordy person. My reading teacher better be ready for Monday because there is a storm coming! My class isn't allowed to read books below a certain level (It is called a lexile and some magical system labels books a number between 1-1500, most of the books being 600+). The whole system is stupid to me, if this ( chart is accurate I've been reading at a high school level since 4th grade.This year my class isn't allowed to read books below 900 because aparently they don't "challenge us enough" (If you want to "challenge us" why are you making me take reading class in the 8th grade?). Well this "novel" we are reading in class (It is required to be read) is a 730 lexile book! So contradicting, I want to scream at her. If she doesn't change it I will get my entire class to refuse to read it! I feel that class is a waste of time anyways and I want my parents to write a note asking me to take another class at that time. My friend at another middle school doesn't have to take reading because she scored above average on the standardized tests. Well guess what, I got a perfect score and I'm wasting 45 minutes a day "learning reading strategies". Hopefully next year will be better, my parents are trying to get me into some elitest program, I have little faith. "Everyone" my dad talks to says how wonderful, great and challenging it is. Well that is what people told me about middle school and here I am in 8th grade waiting for stuff to get harder. I don't want more worksheets, critical review quesitons or logic puzzles.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do I really care?

Well my mom found a stray cat and bird the other day. My neighbors are keeping the cat until they can give her to a no-kill animal shelter (or unhopefully -not full of hope- me). We couldn't catch the bird and we don't know where s/he went. My dad is getting on my last nerve. It seems like everything I ask for (that is you know, when actually do ask for something) he says no. My parents don't even seem to have a genuine interest in my life. I'm thankful that they take me to dance and my L.A. fitness classes, and buy me special food; but those are material things and they never really talk to me. The most I get is a 5 minute conversation about which classes I want to go to this week, or my mom asks me if I want to go to class, because if not she is going to go to my brother's game. I don't understand how the people that do everything right, get nothing back. I've gotten straight A's my entire life and it has been rotten. My brother meanwhile has been all over the place A-B's D's C's! He has $300 worth of video games and DVDs, meanwhile I get the whole "Well we appreciate you more-you have a laptop-you have cellphone-don't be such a spoiled brat speech.". I don't even know what it could possibly be that get nothing. I would like to talk to the greater power who gives out all the magnificent gifts, beauty-intelligence-and other wonderful talents. I would tell him/her what a stupid thing it is to have intelligence, because you just realize how awful the world is. Bottom line, I'm mad, I'm sad and I feel under appreciated.

Monday, November 03, 2008


It bugs me so much when people take too long to do something. A prime example of this is school. These children take forever to do an easy task. Sometimes I can't believe it. They seriously don't care. they just ask me for all the answers and laugh about them being so unscholarly. They don't expect anything from themselves and they automatically brand themselves dumb. I know they aren't so it makes me sad when I go to school and see these kids. Any whoo Nothing too interestin' has happened lately. LA fitness moved Yoga to Wed. nights and I'm so excited. I really want to get better at dance too. I wish I could be homeschooled take, yoga and ballet. But I guess 1/3 isn't too bad right?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I woke up one day and decided

that things are crazy! It all started last week. I announced to my parents that I no longer eat diary or meat or anything else that came from something that has a face. Of course they got all crabby with the usual, why do you have to be different from everyone else, yada yada yada. My dad threw and unexpected twist in though. He said, "Did you just wake up today and decide 'I'm going to be a vegan'?" I assured him I didn't do exactly that but he still is a bit skeptical. As for the being different thing, how could I possibly be the same! I can't believe it took him this long to realize I do not follow main stream society. I'm not saying I look for ways to be a freak, but I follow my instincts which may or may not follow everyone else. I went to the library yesterday and I pick out 3 books on homeschooling. As well as seven others on topics such as, Physics (yeah I'm in pg 1 and I haven't understood one word it's great!), Geometry (haven't tried those yet), Space-time (I'm waiting for the brain cramp from the Physics book to go away), and random junk on bacteria, diseases and other micro-organisms. I read this one book about how we are all going to die from resistant bacteria. Resistant bacteria are bacteria that don't go away when you try and kill them with antibiotics. There was a whole chapter about how meat is causing this (yet another reason not to eat animals). This is how it is happening the meat producer people ( I would call them farmers but they aren't) are giving animals small amounts of antibiotics (about 2 ozs. per ton of feed). They are trying to prevent disease and the reason they want to prevent diseases is when animals are sick they lose appetite, and therefor get thinner. Also on a daily basis animals fight off bacteria in their stomachs. By giving them antibiotics animals aren't "wasting" energy doing that. This makes them fatter faster. This impacts you because when you eat the animal you also eat these antibiotics. Because it is such a small dose, this can cause all the bacteria in your body (good or bad) to develop resistance to this antibiotic. If harmful bacteria come in your body they can develop this resistance too, by stealing it from the other bacteria. Congress has been "taking measures to try and stop this". This is yet another example of how greedy people are going to kill our species.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

That is digusting

Well in case you didn't know prior to today I was a vegetarian. I did not eat meat, because of the inhumane ways animals are treated during their miserable lives. Now I am a vegan. For those of you who don't know what a vegan is, it is like a vegetarian except they don't eat diary. Some of them don't eat honey or use leather ethier. I will never eat an animal again. Well the only exception would be if I was stuck out in the wild and I was going to die, that is the only exception. I'm excited though, I'll be able to experiment with different foods. I'm probably going to have to buy most of the food myself. My parent will probably buy me tofu, or some other things, but they aren't going to pay for things like soy milk. They don't understand my views on a lot of things. Oh well. I'm going to try to make up for having expensive food by not asking for things like clothes, movies, games, or anything else. If I could just be homeschooled and have my vegan way life would be perfect, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

*laugh* *laugh* wait it wasn't even funny!

That title just randomly appeared in my head. My parents aren't even giving me a chance, here is the conversation:

Me: Why can't I be home schooled?
P: Because we don't know anything about it.
Me: What do you need to know?
P: YOU don't understand! You can't just jump into this!!
Me: I would be doing this online and you wouldn't do anything!

This is the point the conversation ends. Notice how my parents strategically avoid the answer, kind of like politicians. I can't understand their logic one bit, but oh well I blame the generation gap. I have dance tomorrow! Yay!
Yesterday I gave a letter to my guidance counselor (apparently she has to approve my online courses). Well actually I gave the letter to a lady at the front desk (guidance counselor GC was in a meeting). Today they call me into the front office saying it's all approved. I go home and check online and guess what? IT isn't! My gosh these people! Good thing the course starts in Nov. otherwise I would be messed up. So that is my compliant about school for today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What happened to Adonis?

Yes well as you might have noticed, I have not talked about Adonis for awhile. This is troubling me. I'm wondering if I have a disorder where one obbsession gives way to another (Previous: Adonis Current:Homeschool) I should keep track of this, and I'm glad I have my blog to do this. I think I might just be being lazy, but I seriously would much rather prefer to be homeschooled. Who knows by the time my mom comes around, I'll be out of school, so I can't doubt myself for a second. I'm trying to give my mom the silent treatment, this way I'm making her just as mad as her and my teachers are making me. I could try that with my teachers, but I don't talk to them anyways. I need to come up with some new stragtegies. I found a program that I could use to homeschool 100% online, it's free and they have teachers you can call if you need help! My mom has still managed to find an excuse though. My parents and I are going to meet some guy my dad works with, because his daughter is homeschooled. I'm crossing my fingers this will go well. (Don't be evil I really need you to cross your fingers too) Well that is it, I'm off to prison...ooops, I mean it is called school, but is it really?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is with the Clones?

So I haven't made an opportunity to tell about my blog name.
I had a dream a few months ago that clones were in my house and I had to make them clap so they would stop being clones. Then I went outside and my Real Life math teacher was out there but apparently she was a real estate agent, and she was like the clone leader. So I tried to get her to clap and it didn't work and she called me out on trying to de-clone her. So I said @*^% You and ran into my neighbors garage. The rest of the clones I had just de-cloned came after me and my two neighbors who were in there.
It really freaked me out for a few weeks, I was like the clones are after me!! I eventually got over it. I also combined another element I dislike into my blog name, those stupid kids in my class who annoy me constantly. I think they are phony and they are just drones of everyone else. They aren't unique and they have no personality. So in one word Conformists. I called myself clone girl because, it just went along with the title. I also like oxymorons so that played a role.

Now on to my homeschool topic (I know you are probably sick of hearing about this, and this will be the last post until I make my powerpoint and get my parents reactions). I think my parents should at least let me have a trial period to see if homeschooling will work out, maybe over winter break or something, so they don't even have to pull me out of the school system. If all goes well I could be able to homeschool myself the rest of the year!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Internet is contacting you

Well, actually I think my computer is trying to tell me I've been on for way too long. (by the way sorry I have too much time in-between posts, I'm lazy, yes lazy not busy) I keep trying to watch videos on youtube and MTV, but it keeps not working. I have on my other tab, and I'm learning about this whistle type laguage called Silbo Gomero. It is an island on the canary islands called La Gomera. It seems isteresting to learn because it is like whistling but you are saying stuff. Anyways back on topic. I'm getting frustrated that my computer is being uncooperative. My teachers are also getting on my nerves. I think it is a conspiracy. None of them give us homework one day (usually on the days I have nothing going on after school) Then when I have something like a concert afterschool, I have homework in every class. This brings me to my next topic homeschool. I'm kind of on the fence now, I think I'm going to wait a week or two and see how I feel about it. Because if I'm not 100% on board my parents definetly won't be. Thank you Annie Girl for your comment it helped me a lot. I've always believed I could teach myself. I have some money saved up and I might be able to pay for science and math materials. I also think that with the way the computer has changed the world, I could find the answer to almost any problem I have. Then I come into the problems of self-motivation. Would I be able to do every thing and learn it? or would I just slack off? I am a procrastinator, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA through Middle school, but I usually wait til' the last second to finish something. If I make a plan on how to do something I usually make it too difficult to do/strict and I end up just making it up as I go along anyways. College. How am I supposed to prove that I actually know stuff and I didn't just slack off for the past 5 years? I think I still have a lot of research to do to convince my parents (and myself) that this is truly the best option.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ideas have been poping to me out of no where the past few days and I'm starting to like it. Of course I think these ideas are brillant some other people (*parents*) not so much.
  1. Homeschool

  • Public School Stinks
  • It takes up too much time
  • Teachers don't listen
  • I'm not LEARNING anything
  • the whole system is messed up

Brillant Idea number 2

  • Go to sleep when I get home then wake up in the morning and do my homework

My parents really can't disagree with number two (so far). However they refuse to take me out of public school. It goes something like this

blah blah blah No blah blah blah No time blah blah blah Why can't you just do the same thing as everyone else blah blah blah Too much money blah blah blah blah We'll see (which means no, and if you ask about it again I'm taking your iPod away).

But you just wait, next time I ask I'm going to come at them with a powerpoint and index cards. (Oh yeah I'm bad). This reminds me of the time I was in 1st grade and I wanted to take the French offered at the school, mom said no and I didn't argue. Looking back I regret it (I was only seven and I could have only taken it for a year) it stinks. Right now I might be able to speak Frech, but thanks to the people who (supposedly) have my best interests in mind (most of the time) the only language I'm fluent in is English. I'm not mad at my parents it isn't really their falt. They are just small town farm kids. They don't know what a podcast is and my dad recently discovered Youtube. I sometimes feel bad for my mom, she hasn't even experienced the internet world yet.

I'm trying to look at people with out judging them. For instance, there is a guy walking to the bus stop. Instead of ewww fat dude walking to the bus stop, Is that beer in his hand?!?! He looks like a slob, and why does he have on flipflops? I'm also applying this technique to my classroom setting. I am upset at certain classmates because they are okay people when they aren't trying to be the center of attention, or flirt with some one. But if they aren't doing one of those two things they are probably asleep. I think it challenges your brain to have to talk to people you haven't talked to in awhile, or you don't talk to a lot.

Okay well I could go on forever, but I'll stop here. If you are homeschooled or you were or know know anything about it, email me, or leave comment.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Busuu You

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I have to post ASAP otherwise it gets too late and I'm tired. Two days isn't too bad though. Well I've started my Rosetta Stone and it is awesome I just have one problem, me. I want to learn fast, and can't write in Spanish to save my life (seriously I could probably say like cenco gatos or something and that isn't even a sentence and I probably spelt it wrong) For those of you who don't want to shell out the dough for Rosetta Stone I recommend It is in it's beta version, and they are adding new features every day. Every time I log in there is something cooler. It has the same basic principle as Rosetta Stone, but you definitely get what you pay for and busuu is free for now. Busuu offers 4 languages English, French, German, and Spanish. I think it is pretty awesome and you should give it a try if you want to learn a language. Another Program that has helped me with my Writing is BYKI (Search BYKI on Google) They have 70 languages, and it is basically flash cards, and they show you the English side and you have to type or think the other side. It helped me spell numerous things and I don't think it is good for much else because they might pronounce things wrong.
Corn Syrup is yucky. Oh my gosh I had a soda a few minutes ago and I feel like throwing up, that stuff is so digusting, I only had half too. I challenge you to cut sweets (Skittles, Soda, Crunch Bars, Butterfingers, Snickers, M & M's, etc) out of your life for a month, then try eating them ago, you will probably feel sick to your stomach and nasty.

Friday, October 03, 2008

What I just realized....

Okay again stealing another song title (Colbie Cobalt). The small amount of words I know in German is still less than I know in Spanish. I've been working on my German for about 3 months now so that makes sense, but I thought I knew absoultely nothing in German, however now I'm realizing that it doesn't get easier if you know other langauges. I just want to give up with Spanish, I like Rosetta Stone I'm just mad at myself for not being able to learn faster. I can only make a simple sentence in German and I've been learning that for awhile. Languages are going to be a life long thing too, eventually I hope too be (which means I better be or else) good enough to talk to people and write in the language without having to google every other word.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Well I'm not feeling good, and I did get my Rosetta Stone, I just want to say, I hope you guys have a fabulous Friday and wish me good luck with getting my contacts (or you don't have to wish me good luck, you can be evil like that.)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Today is Monday, no, Thursday, no wait....

Yeah it has been one of those days. I can't wait for my Rosetta stone it better be here tomorrow or a few people will be getting nasty e-mails. I don't really have time now to go into all the juicy details of my day but I'll give you a few "main ideas". We got a new "acting" band director. He is AWESOME! He is a million bagillion times more fun than our previous director, and I hope he stays. Adonis talked to me today. I talked with a girl (I'll call her B1 blonde1). I also started listening to the audio recording of a Psychology class (pretty interesting). My friend toxic, has been absent for a week and now she is back at school, YAY! Detrimental, however was absent. Tomorrow if it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth it is definetly because of Rosetta Stone. I just wanted you guys to know I didn't forget about you!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Careful what you wish for.

I'm going to start with pretty much the only (useful) thing I did today. (Well Actually I learned some German today to, but that is besides the point, and I'm unintentionally building up suspense). I looked up free online college courses ( Honestly most of them don't look that hard, of course they are hard for me because I don't have the textbook. I was all worried that college would be hard and blah blah, but the only thing that daunts me now is they give you 1 hour for your mid-term test and 3 hours for your final. YIKES!! a 3 hour long test.
On to my next subject, Religion. This has to do with The Law of Attraction. I'm not an atheist, but I don't believe in "God". I believe in a greater power, but not a god. I also hate the fact that religion and differences among people have caused much hate and suffering. I hate people because they are annoying their religion, race, etc. never even enters my mind. I can't believe people today are still like that, anyways I'm getting off topic. I do believe in The Law of Attraction. It is basically the universe is listening to your every thought and what you give you receive (like a karma system), also you can get anything by imagining it is already yours and vision boards help with this (I'll make a vision board post someday). Anyways, I made my vision board like a month ago, I have it in my room and I look at it everyday and smile. Well on Sunday, my dad said he would order me Rosetta Spanish (Latin America). Not exactly what I had in mind (I've been learning German the past 4 months). None the less I'm glad I get Rosetta Stone, I ordered the most expensive version (well my dad paid for it) and it was 429.99 (HEART ATTACK). I'm determined to get my moneys worth and it should help with getting a job, also knowledge is power. What does this have to do with my vision board? Well I put Rosetta Stone on my vision board. I'm still in semi-shock how this has worked out. I'm thinking I should make another larger vision board, because the one I currently have doesn't have enough room for all my ideas. I want to clear one thing up, this is not a wish list type thing, and I'm not using it as such. The majority of my board is covered with Intelligent people, Strong People, and Changes I want to see in the world. The Rosetta Stone thing is one of about 3 material objects on the board. So I'm encouraging you go out and make your own vision board. Just Be careful what you wish for.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Licensed to ride a bike

Seriously I think I need one. Look out world because in two and a half years I will be able to obtain a license (for a car). That is scary considering I have negative five motor skills (yes that is possible). I have enough trouble not running into things or falling over when I'm walking. Now add four wheels and a motor. I've been riding my bike around lately. I don't know why, I just feel like riding my bike. I like the fresh air and the exercise. This is a dialogue I had with a kid on my bus: L= The person M=Me

L= Hey (yeah he doesn't even say my name)
M= Looks over
L= I saw you riding your bike
M=Nods Head
L=Why do you ride your bike?
1 second goes by
L= for exercise? (great now he is calling me fat!)
M=Nods head
L= Why? You're skinny? (Nice save, so apparently I'm not fat)
M= You can be skinny and still be flubby (yes I said flubby)
L= Oh

As you can see this is a mostly one-sided conversation. I didn't even realize it until now. The person I was talking too, he is nice, I guess (I'm trying a new thing where I say nice things about people). He can sometimes be obnoxious, and cuss or made, dumb jokes. I guess most guys are like that, until they grow up. The reason I'm mentioning him is for two reasons (I'll call L Leaf Brain) So here are the two reasons why I mentioned Leaf Brain
  1. He is Friends with Adonis!
  2. He talks to me randomly out of nowhere

I want to discuss #2. I over-analyze everything people do, I'm constantly watching body language, and every finger tap means something to me. This could just be because I'm female, and I've heard that we tend to do that. I'm not going to discuss this topic any further, because I'll eventually end up making no sense. That is all for today! =D

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Funny how things turn out

You Are a Kinetic Learner

You learn best by doing, and you have a talent for complicated, physical tasks.

You excel at athletics, drama, and fixing things.

You would be an excellent Olympic athlete - or a Broadway star!

That is so true. For the first 12 years of my life I had very limited physical activity, and I ate crap. Just last year I joined a gym, started yoga and I have never looked back. I was so miserable before. Dance has just added to that. I found my calling (I know that probably sounds like some cheap line, but it is true). If I was paralzyed tomorrow I would seriously have to kill myself because, I need to be moovin' and grovin'. Before I was brought into the world of physical exercise, I was miserable. It was probably partly due to the fact that I was eating nasty preservatives, and chemicals. It seems like I'm on a roll now and I can do anything and I'm not limited, last year at this time, I would have been scared to talk to anyone, for fear that they would make fun of me. Now I don't really care, I have way more self-confidence. Other things started to fall into place after that. I used to be money/celebrity obsessed and now I feel bad for people who are like that. I think money is just a measure of time, there is a quote it is
"Waste your money and you're only out of money, but waste your time and you've lost a part of your life. ~Michael Leboeuf"
Money measures time, you have to work x hours to get x money. So to be obsessed with money is to be obsessed with time. It would be wasteful to do that seeing as I have no control over either. Celebrities, I think it is sad the population puts other people on a pedestal. What is so great about them honestly. They were in a movie?? There are plenty of people around you who are just as great, and they are right there.
Kinetic learner, I think that those blog things are sometimes inaccurate. This one is right on the mark. I love dance, as a matter of fact, my abs, hips, and thighs hurt right now because I overdid the dancing yesterday. I did an hour at the studio and then I came home and made up the beginnings to 3 other songs. I might be able to convince my parents to let me video tape the dances and upload them to youtube. If not I'll video tape it, but not upload it until I'm 18.
Also I've been reading a blog, I love it! It is ( ). It has lots of information about your food and other things. It is mostly just her random thoughts, and we think in a similar way (well sort of). It is very interesting and if you have a chance, I think you should read it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

So Great....

I wake up this morning, I'm looking for a little morning cheer, so I turn on to the today show (used to be one of my favorite news shows) and all I hear is "blah blah blah McCain blah blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah blah Economy blah blah blah Depressed" The only reason I'm still watching is because I'm hoping something good will come on. This is what I hate about the media they take one thing and repeat it over and over again. It makes me so annoyed. Now I'm watching TBS and they day gets worse, it is some lovey dovey part of a movie (just my luck). I don't want to ruin your day too, well I'm going to dance today. I'm not feeling well again, my sore throat came back. I think my jaw was hurting before because I have tooth coming in. I'm going to try drinking my green tea again. It doesn't really taste, I leave the bag in as long as I can and I can still barely taste it. It's probably because I'm so plugged up. Another Happy thought, I've had 3 pointless dreams about (das Gift) Adonis (I hope he never sees this blog, he will think I'm some creepo stalker. I haven't followed him home, yet (jk jk). ) There was this thing about dreams if you have the same dream over and over again it is meaningful. I also believe in the law of attraction. It states that the universe is always listening to you and whatever you give you receive. You can search Google for more information.
Well that is all for today. I hope I haven't wasted your time with my random babble.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yoga, maybe I am like bella....and McDonalds

Today I went to yoga for the first time in 1 month. Unfortunately school has gotten in my way (it always does) so I haven't been able to go at all. I did better than I thought I would. I did lose some of my flexibility, but I'm glad I didn't lose more. I think dance and other exercises have helped as well.

This post isn't supposed to be about me anyways, so one new thing I found out about Bikram yoga. This guy had a knee injury and doctors told him he would never walk again (doctors are soooo dramatic) but he used a serious of 26 yoga positions to heal and now he teaches yoga in a room that is heated to 37 degrees C or above (that is body temp or higher). This is supposed to minimize injury since the room is the same temperature (or higher) as your body. I want to try it, but I'm trying to limit my ambitions since my parents don't have unlimited money. If anyone out there is a dermatologist or knows a dermatologist or goes to a dermatologist, I would love to talk to a dermatologist and see what that job is like. I'm interested in being a dermatologist/ part time yoga instructor.

Wow, I didn't realize how self-centered I am, this post just keeps coming back to me....=(. Well since I'm already off to a bad start let me just say it, McDonald's. I absolutely with every cell in my body hate McDonald's. There was this test on you tube, and this guy put some typical McD. entrees in a glass jar he also put a typical burger that you would buy from a restaurant (not fast food). The results were disgusting. The french fries from McD stayed in their original form for about 8 wks or something. Just think how hard it is for your stomach to break that down!! I read a book called 'Everything you didn't want to know about fast food'. I'm glad that I now know all that stuff. It really slapped me in the face. I wouldn't say that I ate fast food a lot before I read it, but I don't even touch McD food any more. I would recommend that book to anyone. Something else I thought was very eye opening was The story of stuff ( ). I can't even explain that. I thought it was funny and informative. I watched it twice and I would probably watch it again.

I'm very happy right now, I got my first comment. Yay!! The comment is on my first post if you want to read it. Someone said I reminded them of Bella Swan. I think I'm definitely klutzy, but I don't see any other similarities. It is hard for me to self-asses myself. I have one question though. Where is my Edward? =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who is das Gift......

I decided now I'm going to use das Gift's real name, it is pretty common, Adonis. Well today he looked at me, and I think I'm coming out of my shell more which is going to be useful because I have to go to high school next year. I called my friend Georgia, and I think her parents don't like me. We call each other every day, and I think they get annoyed she isn't doing homework or chores or something. I'm looking forward to going to yoga tomorrow, seeing as there is no school. I hope I'm still flexible, I should be I've been doing yoga at least once a week, and I still do other exercises. I guess tomorrow will test me. The picture is of me doing my crow (also known as crane) pose. It took me 2 months to be able to do that so I wouldn't attempted unless you are confident in your arm strength. I'm reading the first Lord of the Rings book, so far I'm on page 28. I hope to read more soon. I really need to clean my room, as well. I wish I had something interesting (or at least half-interesting) to say, but sadly I don't so this post will end here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7 things

Well Today is my random whatever I want to talk about day, so here is the topic.... Advice on how not to be annoying for guys. It is an explanation of what girls like and dislike about males and things to help you get a date. I would write one for girls, but seeing as I'm not a guy and don't know what guys like in girls I can't very well do that. I know the title of this post is the same as a song by Miley Cyrus, to set the record straight I dislike Disney channel so I don't listen to her music, but I liked this title. There are two categories looks and attitude.

Physical Appearance:
  1. Mouth: Make sure to brush your teeth, no one likes stinky breath or yellow teeth. If your teeth just don't get white no matter how much you brush I recommend Whitening Strips, they have many available kinds at Wal-Mart or Drugstores (CVS, Walgreen's, etc.)
  2. Hair: Sometimes too much gel can look nasty, it makes your hair look greasy (which isn't good) If you have curly hair I recommend going with your hair instead of against it. If you have curly hair and it looks afro-ish then keep it short. If you have straight hair do whatever. A substitution for gel would be when your hair is wet style it how you want it to look and let it dry this way, then you can add a tiny amount of gel to the roots if necessary.
  3. Face: I have acne too and I have for at least 3 years, so believe me I'm not trying to hurt any feeling here. There is an acne product I get it from Wal-Mart and it is $4 a bottle. It has 10% benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl peroxide gets rid of pimples super fast. It might make your face really dry, but then you can use a lotion or moisturizer, dry skin isn't as noticeable as a pimple anyways. If you can't find a product strong enough for you. Ask your doctor (family doctor not dermatologist) if they can prescribe a medication. If that doesn't work go to a dermatologist, because they specialize in skin and it might be the second layer of skin or some junk like that.
  4. Body: If you do a few push ups and a few crunches everyday you should be fine. Sports could also help you stay physically active. Or you can join a gym.
  5. Clothing: Dress how you are don't change for anyone, let your personality shine through your clothes.

Now for Attitude:

  1. Check your attitude at the door. If you're having a bad day, don't take it out on someone else. Try to avoid people that easily upset you if you're already not in a good mood. Don't look for trouble.
  2. A little respect goes a long way. If you have problems being with being nice to people pretend like a girl you like is watching you. She might be, if you treat other people badly she is going to think you're a jerk. Especially shy girls (such as me), if you make fun of other people shy girls think you will make fun of them too. There was a quote that said, something like 'don't measure a man by how he treats his equals, but by how he treats his lessors' Add sir or ma'am when you are talking to an adult, yes it does seem old school or nerdy, but it shows you have a good family and good manners.
  3. Compliment Whores. Don't compliment a girl unless you really mean it. If other people tell her that something looks stupid, and you tell her it looks awesome she is going to think that you either lied or you don't know what you are talking about, therefore all following compliments will be disregarded. Neither are good for you. Only give one compliment a week, make it count! If you give her a compliment every other day she won't care anymore. I would
  • Compliment her on one thing every other week (but don't repeat for more than 3 weeks) do this every other week for the best effect
  • Pick a compliment she probably rarely gets, like Your eyes are so pretty or something. If you talk about accessories such a bracelets, necklaces, belts, earing or if you notice something like she parts her hair a different way, or her belt is too the side, or shoes, then that is a bonus because it is unique. Things up by her head are easier to see so if you notice something like shoes or an anklet few people have probably noticed that.

Well that is pretty much it these are all guidlines, you don't have to follow them strictly I'm just giving you tips to help. Maybe a guy can email me one of these so I know why I don't have a boyfriend. That's it for today, please leave a comment, or vote, or email me I love feedback. Thanks =D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I knew it would be a good day

I've decided my blogular format. One day I'll do my opinion on something or some other randomn thig you probably don't even care about and the next day I'll do an update on my life. I know my life isn't that interestin' so that is my plan. Today I woke up and I never know how they day is going to turn out until I get on the bus. I get feelings like today I was super super excited and happy and I had no clue why. Oh and another thing everyday I found a quarter on the ground and I picked it up it was a bad day so don't pick up quarters!! I've been drinking green tea (the tea tea kind). There seems to be an illness going around and so far I only have a sore throat, I don't want it to get any worse, my left side of my jaw is all messed up and I have no clue why so I really don't want any more ailments. I really should be doing my homework right now, but seriously it is so boring and I have to make sure I write on here every day. I saw that someone voted on the poll. Thank you anonymous person!! =) I made a new poll because the other one expired, and if you could please take a second to vote, that is the only way I'll know that someone visited my blog. It warms my insides. Okay you all knew this was coming, das Gift I haven't even said hi to him is a week (well more like he hasn't said hi to me, I'm shy). Although
today I think he did look out the back of the bus at me when it drove off but maybe not. I'm just happy I get to look at him every day. He is so sweet yesterday when the bus driver "wouldn't move the bus until the person who whistled came forward". He was willing to get in trouble for the whole bus, but he would have got suspened from the bus, so he didn't. Also I got to help put together folders for the guidence counsler and there were 3 other kids there. 2 of them are annoying but one of them is male and he can't help it. The other one I almost wanted to shove my sock down her mouth so she would quit talking. I guess the guy isn't soo bad sometimes I can actually have a decent conversation if he isn't trying to flirt with some girl. I als get to see how the rest of the class perceives me. He was surprised that I do hiphop and latin dance, I think everyone in my class thinks I'm a conservative, boring, girl but they only see me at school. I've been told by numerous people that I act "different" outside of school whether that is good or bad I don't know, but I'm hoping it's good.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Teachers the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Teachers uggh, it is sometimes hard to remember they're people too. I think some adult brainwashing goes on that makes parents automatically assume all teachers are nice, they aren't. My least favorite teacher is my reading teacher. I think reading is a completely pointless topic. If you don't know how to read by 8th grade then oh well too bad so sad. Anyways this teacher (I call her buttface behind her back) she trys to be "hip and cool" but she isn't and you can tell she is trying to hard, also she always forgets to pick us up from electives so we are always at least 2 minutes late to our next class. Whenever we ask her questions she doesn't understand what we are asking and starts talking about something completely unrelated. She also has a real attitude issue. She asked us if we knew how to make a foldable and we all did so we sat there because no answer usually means that, no one has any questions. She had to have an atitude about it and she said, "well I aksed (yes she said aksed instead of asked, she can't even talk right and she is a reading teacher) you guys if you knew how to make a foldable and you looked at me like I had 12 heads, so oh well." Only one person had trouble making a foldable, so she just thinks we're stupid. She is the one who said the Pimple Brown and Snotty Sally thing too. She is kind of a hypocrite telling us that we can't tell people they're ugly, but she can say that stuff. This Next teacher is one of my favorites, my langauge arts teacher. She has 3 kids and one of them is our age. (although not all teachers with children are better buttface has kids too) She treats us as equals and she sometimes does get taken advantage of, but not by me. If we don't like the way other teachers are doing stuff (i.e. buttface forgetting to pick us up) we usually tell her and she says she'll talk to them about it. You can't exactly go up to a teacher and say, "Why can't you pick me up on time?" because that usually ends up being disrespectful or teachers just plain don't like you. But I'll save that for later. My next teacher is my social studies teacher. In one word she is......fair. Everything is the same for everyone, that is the biggest reason why I like her. She also talks about Rock Band and other video games with us sometimes, but we always get over work done first. Her class is one of my favorites. She explains stuff to us all the time (that is important in social studies) and she doesn't yell at us unless we talk too much. Math......=(. Math is one of my least favorite subjects (even though I'm great at it) we have homework every night and sometimes my math teacher gets a little looney. She some weird mumbo speak when her computer is acting weird. The only times her class is fun is when she tells us life stories my favorite is when she told us about the time she fell out of a tree. Last but not least Science. She is usually in a good mood but sometimes I don't know. These kids in my class talk constantly and aparently at the end of the day we are worse. I like science but sometimes she explains things confusing and I need to be re-explained. That is pretty much it. Now School Rules, I think school takes away one of our constitutional rights Freedom of speech. We aren't allowed to tell adults anything, such as, why didn't you finish grading my test, why are you always late, NO I don't want to sit down. Dress code takes this further, we have no way to express ourselves with clothing. People are going dress however they want regardless. I don't know why kids have such harsh rules and adults get is easy, I guess adults have a harsher penalty for breaking their laws, but ethier way it stinks.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Physics Ugghh.

Well I'm doing my science homework *scarsm* yay *end sarcasm*. It is about balance and scales and other crap I really don't care about. The party I went to was fun. I think I caught a cold from toxic though. Maybe it is just because the only things I've eaten in the past 12 hours are cheesecake, popcorn and a smoothie. Detrimental has like no food at her house!
I want to have a myspace account, but my parents won't let me. It stinks. I'd only talk to my friends and kids from school. Old people psshh. They don't understand that online social networking systems are the thing of this generation.... Well that is all for now, sorry this post is so short. I'm tired, hungry, dehydrated, and I have some homework to do.

Sleepover and funninness

If this makes no sense at all it is because it is 12:26 AM and I'm at a sleepover. My friends (toxic and detrimental) are here, Red couldn't stay the night. I'm debating about telling them about das Gift. I'm not worried about them telling him. I'm worried about them thinking he is a loser, or something. Well I don't have much to write, so that is it. We are going to make lists of 5 things to tempt fate. I'll try and post it here.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dance, Parties and Weirds.

I went to my dance class today, it was more fun then last week (if that is even possible). I ordered these jazz/hip hop shoes I need. We got alot farther then we did last week. I wish I was on the competitive team, but I stink. I can do the streches and all of that, but the actual moving isn't so hot. I want to join a ballet place too, ballet is more my speed. I think all types of dance are great though. I don't know what was up with BM (big mouth) but I don't even care anymore. If I didn't know she had been dancing for a year I could swear she just started. She must not strech at all. I don't know how she can be a dancer and not be able to do splits. I can see why she isn't on the competitive team. She isn't dedicated. Well anyways, das Gift!! I can't wait until Monday so I can see him. Seriously that is my favorite part of the school day, seeing him come on/off the bus. I'm offically obesessed. I don't think it is very healthy to be obsessed and I need to get a life. I just got the October issue of Reader's Digest. It is my favorite mag. (newsweek is 2nd). I'm going to my friend's (I'll call her detrimental) B-day sleepover party thing. I have no clue how that will turn out. My one friend (I'll call her red) moved to another city. Red used to go to my school last year, but now she doesn't and I hardly see her. Red's parents don't like another friend of mine (I'll call her toxic). So detrimental told Red to tell Red's parents that toxic can't come. Otherwise Red wouldn't be able to come (Toxic is actually coming). I don't know if Red's parents will fall for it. They are pretty smart, and I don't think Red is a very good liar.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why must I be totured???

Well this whole week was a rotten pile of fish. Das Gift didn't talk to me at all and he has a girlfriend. I did get to touch his hand when I got off the bus for bus drills, but like that really matters. I'm OBBSESSED! I can't believe it. I searched his name on google, myspace, and I'm seriously thinking about finding out how to track him down so I can talk to him online. Maybe I could look him up in the phone book...... Well that hasn't worked. I'm getting so frustrated. At least I have dance tomorrow. I wish I could just have a civil converstation with das Gift. I'm sure he thinks I'm a freak. I don't talk to anyone (on the bus, the only time he sees me) and when I do I look unhappy or groucy without meaning to be. I also like take a billion seconds to answer when he does talk to me (a total of 5 times this year) I'm hoping the 8th grade dance might be a turning point (that is like 6 months away) Hopefully I can sneak a picture of him so I can stare at his beautiful face all day long. His name means something about aphrodite, but it is a guys name. I haven't been able to locate him in the phonebook. Maybe my friends can help me at the sleepover tomorrow night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

das Gift, Dance and time.

Well this is my first post, I've been thinking about this blog for about two weeks. I've also formed numerous posts in my mind, but this is my first post. Okay so to start with I'm not using any real names, I'm making up names for everyone I want to talk about. das Gift is a boy I like. (again this is not his real name, and das Gift is a German word for poison. All the people I like or consider friends have some sort of toxic nature to their name) Well I just started off like a typical teenage girl would "I like this guy.... I not popular.... Everyone hates me..... I want to die" but I'm not like that. Actually I think very differently from my peers and even my parents (except my dad, we're pretty much like mind twins). I have no friends. I'm dead serious, this is my definition of a friend: someone who shares your interests, ideals, and personality. I want someone excatly like me to be friend is bascially what I'm saying. No one in my class is like me, but I found people who are tolerable. Back to das Gift, well he is everything I'm not, and everything that is important. I'm not going to sit here and describe his perfection, but rather my imperfection. I'm not a perfectionist (after a certain point I really don't care) but there are certain things that have to be just right and other things I sometimes overlook. When I do reports, I usually get a lot of sources, but I sometimes overlook length. The problems with other people aren't that they are different, but I am. I think other people are dumb, because they buy too much, are shallow, misinformed, and some people I dislike because they are plain stupid. I'm sure anyone intelligent enough to read a blog isn't like this, but so far the people I've been exposed to are. I'm hoping maybe in adulthood I'll have the perfect life, but I'll still be living in a the same world. My reading teacher (I'll call her buttface) is really superfical. She was asking us to write an essay about what we would do if we were forced to marry someone. She said "What if they were Snotty Sally or Pimple Brown" I thought she was talking about snotty as in bratty, spoiled, stuck up, etc. but she was saying that they have snot running down their face all the time. I really think there is no need for an explanition about pimple brown. That deeply offended me. I have acne, it isn't really bad and it is mostly under control, but people can't control what they look like. I wouldn't critize someone about the way they look if they can't help it. I'm getting completely off topic, well anyways onto dance.
I started this jazz/hiphop dance thing today, and I had a great time. The dance it self was fairly simple, again I had people issues. The instructor was lovely, a lot of charisma, jovial, and she made me feel relaxed and didn't make me feel like an idiot or dummy because I don't know how to dance very well. It was this one girl in my class who also goes to my school (I'll call her Big Mouth or BM for short). BM had this attitude, like snobby. We don't talk much at school so I didn't expect to have an actual conversation with her, but I think she was mad at me for coming. I definetly know it wasn't because I'm better than her that is for sure. Here are my possible explanations:
  1. She thinks she is so much better than me at dance that I should be thanking her just to be in the same room.
  2. Me and another girl (Butt Brag BB for short, BB goes to my school) just joined the class today and BM might be PO because it was only her and another girl (Georgia, who goes to my school). So she is mad it isn't just her and Georgia.
  3. She is mad I joined and I'm taking "her thing" this would make her less unique.

I hope whatever it is she loses the attitude soon. I just hate it when people are pissy and I don't know why. The other girls were fine. The instructor was happy that more people are coming, and she is putting an add out in the paper, so more people are going to be coming. Besides if someone from my class wanted to take Yoga, with me (Yes I do yoga) I would be excited and eager to share tips with them and happy to have someone to discuss yoga with. I guess me and BM just have different personalities, and dance is the only semi-unique thing about her, so she didn't want someone else to "take it". I really don't even care any more.

Well I was watching a show about time, but now I'm watching bring it on again. Shows about time and time travel always blow my mind. It was really awesome, but I'm not a physicist, and I don't feign interest in those subjects. Bring it on again is more my tempo, except I think cheerleaders get a bad rep. They have to train really hard and they do cool flips and stuff. They are the limbo between gymnastics and dancers. I think these movies make their rep. worse. The one lady sounds like a stuck-up, narcissitic, brat.

Well that is it for now. Talk to you later =)

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