Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Delete, Delete, Delete!

I do this thing where I form blog entries, novel ideas, or short stories inside my head. Oh no horrible you; you have creativity!(sarcastic of course) It is starting to bug me. Just when I close my eyes to drift off to dream land BOOM! my mind starts composing blog entries, or poems. That isn't even the worst part, eventually I convince myself *well that doesn't sound half bad* then I go to right and I remember maybe half of what (Just 1 minute ago) I composed. Wanna guess who I'm going to blame for this? Me (No, I'm a kid, remember, that whole I don't accept responsibilties for my actions thing =) ), My Parents (No).....The Public school system! =) Yes! They are not challenging me what so ever! If I had a chance to excercise my mind writing creativily thourghout the day I would not have this problem. This is why my blog is ever so important at this time. If I can't leave the public school system I'm determined to be the biggest pain in the neck who ever lived (Move over Dracula!)
Speaking of Dracula, I found this really great used book store place. You can drop your old books off for credit. Then when you buy books 50% of the payment is in store credit, and 50% in cash. My dad bought four books for me (as well as a puzzle for my mom, a couple books for himself, and a book for my brother; I know you really care about that!) They are
  • The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
  • The Jungle (Upton Sinclair)
  • The Plague Tales (Ann Benson)
  • Dracula (Bram Stoker)

As of now I'm looking up vocab words for Dracula, because I'm going to read that first and I'm not a wordy person. My reading teacher better be ready for Monday because there is a storm coming! My class isn't allowed to read books below a certain level (It is called a lexile and some magical system labels books a number between 1-1500, most of the books being 600+). The whole system is stupid to me, if this ( chart is accurate I've been reading at a high school level since 4th grade.This year my class isn't allowed to read books below 900 because aparently they don't "challenge us enough" (If you want to "challenge us" why are you making me take reading class in the 8th grade?). Well this "novel" we are reading in class (It is required to be read) is a 730 lexile book! So contradicting, I want to scream at her. If she doesn't change it I will get my entire class to refuse to read it! I feel that class is a waste of time anyways and I want my parents to write a note asking me to take another class at that time. My friend at another middle school doesn't have to take reading because she scored above average on the standardized tests. Well guess what, I got a perfect score and I'm wasting 45 minutes a day "learning reading strategies". Hopefully next year will be better, my parents are trying to get me into some elitest program, I have little faith. "Everyone" my dad talks to says how wonderful, great and challenging it is. Well that is what people told me about middle school and here I am in 8th grade waiting for stuff to get harder. I don't want more worksheets, critical review quesitons or logic puzzles.

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Strawberry Girl said...

I don't publish half of what I write down either. It's too intimidating to have all of your thoughts open to public review.

~Strawberry Girl

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