Sunday, October 26, 2008

I woke up one day and decided

that things are crazy! It all started last week. I announced to my parents that I no longer eat diary or meat or anything else that came from something that has a face. Of course they got all crabby with the usual, why do you have to be different from everyone else, yada yada yada. My dad threw and unexpected twist in though. He said, "Did you just wake up today and decide 'I'm going to be a vegan'?" I assured him I didn't do exactly that but he still is a bit skeptical. As for the being different thing, how could I possibly be the same! I can't believe it took him this long to realize I do not follow main stream society. I'm not saying I look for ways to be a freak, but I follow my instincts which may or may not follow everyone else. I went to the library yesterday and I pick out 3 books on homeschooling. As well as seven others on topics such as, Physics (yeah I'm in pg 1 and I haven't understood one word it's great!), Geometry (haven't tried those yet), Space-time (I'm waiting for the brain cramp from the Physics book to go away), and random junk on bacteria, diseases and other micro-organisms. I read this one book about how we are all going to die from resistant bacteria. Resistant bacteria are bacteria that don't go away when you try and kill them with antibiotics. There was a whole chapter about how meat is causing this (yet another reason not to eat animals). This is how it is happening the meat producer people ( I would call them farmers but they aren't) are giving animals small amounts of antibiotics (about 2 ozs. per ton of feed). They are trying to prevent disease and the reason they want to prevent diseases is when animals are sick they lose appetite, and therefor get thinner. Also on a daily basis animals fight off bacteria in their stomachs. By giving them antibiotics animals aren't "wasting" energy doing that. This makes them fatter faster. This impacts you because when you eat the animal you also eat these antibiotics. Because it is such a small dose, this can cause all the bacteria in your body (good or bad) to develop resistance to this antibiotic. If harmful bacteria come in your body they can develop this resistance too, by stealing it from the other bacteria. Congress has been "taking measures to try and stop this". This is yet another example of how greedy people are going to kill our species.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

That is digusting

Well in case you didn't know prior to today I was a vegetarian. I did not eat meat, because of the inhumane ways animals are treated during their miserable lives. Now I am a vegan. For those of you who don't know what a vegan is, it is like a vegetarian except they don't eat diary. Some of them don't eat honey or use leather ethier. I will never eat an animal again. Well the only exception would be if I was stuck out in the wild and I was going to die, that is the only exception. I'm excited though, I'll be able to experiment with different foods. I'm probably going to have to buy most of the food myself. My parent will probably buy me tofu, or some other things, but they aren't going to pay for things like soy milk. They don't understand my views on a lot of things. Oh well. I'm going to try to make up for having expensive food by not asking for things like clothes, movies, games, or anything else. If I could just be homeschooled and have my vegan way life would be perfect, but sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

*laugh* *laugh* wait it wasn't even funny!

That title just randomly appeared in my head. My parents aren't even giving me a chance, here is the conversation:

Me: Why can't I be home schooled?
P: Because we don't know anything about it.
Me: What do you need to know?
P: YOU don't understand! You can't just jump into this!!
Me: I would be doing this online and you wouldn't do anything!

This is the point the conversation ends. Notice how my parents strategically avoid the answer, kind of like politicians. I can't understand their logic one bit, but oh well I blame the generation gap. I have dance tomorrow! Yay!
Yesterday I gave a letter to my guidance counselor (apparently she has to approve my online courses). Well actually I gave the letter to a lady at the front desk (guidance counselor GC was in a meeting). Today they call me into the front office saying it's all approved. I go home and check online and guess what? IT isn't! My gosh these people! Good thing the course starts in Nov. otherwise I would be messed up. So that is my compliant about school for today.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What happened to Adonis?

Yes well as you might have noticed, I have not talked about Adonis for awhile. This is troubling me. I'm wondering if I have a disorder where one obbsession gives way to another (Previous: Adonis Current:Homeschool) I should keep track of this, and I'm glad I have my blog to do this. I think I might just be being lazy, but I seriously would much rather prefer to be homeschooled. Who knows by the time my mom comes around, I'll be out of school, so I can't doubt myself for a second. I'm trying to give my mom the silent treatment, this way I'm making her just as mad as her and my teachers are making me. I could try that with my teachers, but I don't talk to them anyways. I need to come up with some new stragtegies. I found a program that I could use to homeschool 100% online, it's free and they have teachers you can call if you need help! My mom has still managed to find an excuse though. My parents and I are going to meet some guy my dad works with, because his daughter is homeschooled. I'm crossing my fingers this will go well. (Don't be evil I really need you to cross your fingers too) Well that is it, I'm off to prison...ooops, I mean it is called school, but is it really?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is with the Clones?

So I haven't made an opportunity to tell about my blog name.
I had a dream a few months ago that clones were in my house and I had to make them clap so they would stop being clones. Then I went outside and my Real Life math teacher was out there but apparently she was a real estate agent, and she was like the clone leader. So I tried to get her to clap and it didn't work and she called me out on trying to de-clone her. So I said @*^% You and ran into my neighbors garage. The rest of the clones I had just de-cloned came after me and my two neighbors who were in there.
It really freaked me out for a few weeks, I was like the clones are after me!! I eventually got over it. I also combined another element I dislike into my blog name, those stupid kids in my class who annoy me constantly. I think they are phony and they are just drones of everyone else. They aren't unique and they have no personality. So in one word Conformists. I called myself clone girl because, it just went along with the title. I also like oxymorons so that played a role.

Now on to my homeschool topic (I know you are probably sick of hearing about this, and this will be the last post until I make my powerpoint and get my parents reactions). I think my parents should at least let me have a trial period to see if homeschooling will work out, maybe over winter break or something, so they don't even have to pull me out of the school system. If all goes well I could be able to homeschool myself the rest of the year!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Internet is contacting you

Well, actually I think my computer is trying to tell me I've been on for way too long. (by the way sorry I have too much time in-between posts, I'm lazy, yes lazy not busy) I keep trying to watch videos on youtube and MTV, but it keeps not working. I have on my other tab, and I'm learning about this whistle type laguage called Silbo Gomero. It is an island on the canary islands called La Gomera. It seems isteresting to learn because it is like whistling but you are saying stuff. Anyways back on topic. I'm getting frustrated that my computer is being uncooperative. My teachers are also getting on my nerves. I think it is a conspiracy. None of them give us homework one day (usually on the days I have nothing going on after school) Then when I have something like a concert afterschool, I have homework in every class. This brings me to my next topic homeschool. I'm kind of on the fence now, I think I'm going to wait a week or two and see how I feel about it. Because if I'm not 100% on board my parents definetly won't be. Thank you Annie Girl for your comment it helped me a lot. I've always believed I could teach myself. I have some money saved up and I might be able to pay for science and math materials. I also think that with the way the computer has changed the world, I could find the answer to almost any problem I have. Then I come into the problems of self-motivation. Would I be able to do every thing and learn it? or would I just slack off? I am a procrastinator, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA through Middle school, but I usually wait til' the last second to finish something. If I make a plan on how to do something I usually make it too difficult to do/strict and I end up just making it up as I go along anyways. College. How am I supposed to prove that I actually know stuff and I didn't just slack off for the past 5 years? I think I still have a lot of research to do to convince my parents (and myself) that this is truly the best option.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ideas have been poping to me out of no where the past few days and I'm starting to like it. Of course I think these ideas are brillant some other people (*parents*) not so much.
  1. Homeschool

  • Public School Stinks
  • It takes up too much time
  • Teachers don't listen
  • I'm not LEARNING anything
  • the whole system is messed up

Brillant Idea number 2

  • Go to sleep when I get home then wake up in the morning and do my homework

My parents really can't disagree with number two (so far). However they refuse to take me out of public school. It goes something like this

blah blah blah No blah blah blah No time blah blah blah Why can't you just do the same thing as everyone else blah blah blah Too much money blah blah blah blah We'll see (which means no, and if you ask about it again I'm taking your iPod away).

But you just wait, next time I ask I'm going to come at them with a powerpoint and index cards. (Oh yeah I'm bad). This reminds me of the time I was in 1st grade and I wanted to take the French offered at the school, mom said no and I didn't argue. Looking back I regret it (I was only seven and I could have only taken it for a year) it stinks. Right now I might be able to speak Frech, but thanks to the people who (supposedly) have my best interests in mind (most of the time) the only language I'm fluent in is English. I'm not mad at my parents it isn't really their falt. They are just small town farm kids. They don't know what a podcast is and my dad recently discovered Youtube. I sometimes feel bad for my mom, she hasn't even experienced the internet world yet.

I'm trying to look at people with out judging them. For instance, there is a guy walking to the bus stop. Instead of ewww fat dude walking to the bus stop, Is that beer in his hand?!?! He looks like a slob, and why does he have on flipflops? I'm also applying this technique to my classroom setting. I am upset at certain classmates because they are okay people when they aren't trying to be the center of attention, or flirt with some one. But if they aren't doing one of those two things they are probably asleep. I think it challenges your brain to have to talk to people you haven't talked to in awhile, or you don't talk to a lot.

Okay well I could go on forever, but I'll stop here. If you are homeschooled or you were or know know anything about it, email me, or leave comment.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Busuu You

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I have to post ASAP otherwise it gets too late and I'm tired. Two days isn't too bad though. Well I've started my Rosetta Stone and it is awesome I just have one problem, me. I want to learn fast, and can't write in Spanish to save my life (seriously I could probably say like cenco gatos or something and that isn't even a sentence and I probably spelt it wrong) For those of you who don't want to shell out the dough for Rosetta Stone I recommend It is in it's beta version, and they are adding new features every day. Every time I log in there is something cooler. It has the same basic principle as Rosetta Stone, but you definitely get what you pay for and busuu is free for now. Busuu offers 4 languages English, French, German, and Spanish. I think it is pretty awesome and you should give it a try if you want to learn a language. Another Program that has helped me with my Writing is BYKI (Search BYKI on Google) They have 70 languages, and it is basically flash cards, and they show you the English side and you have to type or think the other side. It helped me spell numerous things and I don't think it is good for much else because they might pronounce things wrong.
Corn Syrup is yucky. Oh my gosh I had a soda a few minutes ago and I feel like throwing up, that stuff is so digusting, I only had half too. I challenge you to cut sweets (Skittles, Soda, Crunch Bars, Butterfingers, Snickers, M & M's, etc) out of your life for a month, then try eating them ago, you will probably feel sick to your stomach and nasty.

Friday, October 03, 2008

What I just realized....

Okay again stealing another song title (Colbie Cobalt). The small amount of words I know in German is still less than I know in Spanish. I've been working on my German for about 3 months now so that makes sense, but I thought I knew absoultely nothing in German, however now I'm realizing that it doesn't get easier if you know other langauges. I just want to give up with Spanish, I like Rosetta Stone I'm just mad at myself for not being able to learn faster. I can only make a simple sentence in German and I've been learning that for awhile. Languages are going to be a life long thing too, eventually I hope too be (which means I better be or else) good enough to talk to people and write in the language without having to google every other word.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Well I'm not feeling good, and I did get my Rosetta Stone, I just want to say, I hope you guys have a fabulous Friday and wish me good luck with getting my contacts (or you don't have to wish me good luck, you can be evil like that.)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Today is Monday, no, Thursday, no wait....

Yeah it has been one of those days. I can't wait for my Rosetta stone it better be here tomorrow or a few people will be getting nasty e-mails. I don't really have time now to go into all the juicy details of my day but I'll give you a few "main ideas". We got a new "acting" band director. He is AWESOME! He is a million bagillion times more fun than our previous director, and I hope he stays. Adonis talked to me today. I talked with a girl (I'll call her B1 blonde1). I also started listening to the audio recording of a Psychology class (pretty interesting). My friend toxic, has been absent for a week and now she is back at school, YAY! Detrimental, however was absent. Tomorrow if it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth it is definetly because of Rosetta Stone. I just wanted you guys to know I didn't forget about you!
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