Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ideas have been poping to me out of no where the past few days and I'm starting to like it. Of course I think these ideas are brillant some other people (*parents*) not so much.
  1. Homeschool

  • Public School Stinks
  • It takes up too much time
  • Teachers don't listen
  • I'm not LEARNING anything
  • the whole system is messed up

Brillant Idea number 2

  • Go to sleep when I get home then wake up in the morning and do my homework

My parents really can't disagree with number two (so far). However they refuse to take me out of public school. It goes something like this

blah blah blah No blah blah blah No time blah blah blah Why can't you just do the same thing as everyone else blah blah blah Too much money blah blah blah blah We'll see (which means no, and if you ask about it again I'm taking your iPod away).

But you just wait, next time I ask I'm going to come at them with a powerpoint and index cards. (Oh yeah I'm bad). This reminds me of the time I was in 1st grade and I wanted to take the French offered at the school, mom said no and I didn't argue. Looking back I regret it (I was only seven and I could have only taken it for a year) it stinks. Right now I might be able to speak Frech, but thanks to the people who (supposedly) have my best interests in mind (most of the time) the only language I'm fluent in is English. I'm not mad at my parents it isn't really their falt. They are just small town farm kids. They don't know what a podcast is and my dad recently discovered Youtube. I sometimes feel bad for my mom, she hasn't even experienced the internet world yet.

I'm trying to look at people with out judging them. For instance, there is a guy walking to the bus stop. Instead of ewww fat dude walking to the bus stop, Is that beer in his hand?!?! He looks like a slob, and why does he have on flipflops? I'm also applying this technique to my classroom setting. I am upset at certain classmates because they are okay people when they aren't trying to be the center of attention, or flirt with some one. But if they aren't doing one of those two things they are probably asleep. I think it challenges your brain to have to talk to people you haven't talked to in awhile, or you don't talk to a lot.

Okay well I could go on forever, but I'll stop here. If you are homeschooled or you were or know know anything about it, email me, or leave comment.


Chinese Girl said...

Have a good time everyday

Strawberry Girl said...

Hi Clone Girl,

I have looked into homeschooling a bit. I really, really want to homeschool my kids. They put up a fuss however and my husband allowed them to go to school, although I am really regreting it and actually I think I am going to pull out 2 of them and get them caught up. So here is the lowdown on a couple of methods (there are a lot of methods) The Thomas Jefferson method the parents play a hands off role and the children basically study what is interesting to them (I like this quite a bit, but I think that reading, writing and math should be taught regardless). The Charlot Manson Method I believe is a gentle approach with the parent taking the role of helping them through gentle means (not a school house style work day, rather learning throughout the day). I think that the biggest fear that people have (besides for their kids turning out looking like weirdos) is that their kids will not learn anything. I think that it is hard for people (who have not been homeschooled, myself included) to break away from the idea that if you don't measure progress through "standardized" tests then kids will slack off and become losers. In my humble opinion all of the people that I know of who have been or who are associated with homeschooling are some of the most brilliant people around. I have seen the "weirdos" kids who look like they just stepped out of the cabbage patch, but I don't think that it has to be that way. It is a choice, plain and simple. I do think that schools fail kids, big time. I was failed by school, I don't think my kids are getting the education they deserve, the teachers just don't care about my kids the way that I do. Good on you if you can get your parents to let you homeschool. There is something called A2 (Accelerated Acheivement)which is an entire curriculum for about $100 dollars. If your stuck (because your parents won't let you do it) your stuck though and I feel for you if you can't convince them. (Try outlining what you want to study and giving them a detailed plan, also in the future when your in high school there are concurrent enrollment classes where you can get credit for high school and college, just a thought).


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