Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Today is Monday, no, Thursday, no wait....

Yeah it has been one of those days. I can't wait for my Rosetta stone it better be here tomorrow or a few people will be getting nasty e-mails. I don't really have time now to go into all the juicy details of my day but I'll give you a few "main ideas". We got a new "acting" band director. He is AWESOME! He is a million bagillion times more fun than our previous director, and I hope he stays. Adonis talked to me today. I talked with a girl (I'll call her B1 blonde1). I also started listening to the audio recording of a Psychology class (pretty interesting). My friend toxic, has been absent for a week and now she is back at school, YAY! Detrimental, however was absent. Tomorrow if it seems like I fell off the face of the Earth it is definetly because of Rosetta Stone. I just wanted you guys to know I didn't forget about you!

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Strawberry Girl said...

Way to go Clone Girl!!

I hope the Rosetta Stone works out for you, I wish I could get one. Maybe I will someday.


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