Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is with the Clones?

So I haven't made an opportunity to tell about my blog name.
I had a dream a few months ago that clones were in my house and I had to make them clap so they would stop being clones. Then I went outside and my Real Life math teacher was out there but apparently she was a real estate agent, and she was like the clone leader. So I tried to get her to clap and it didn't work and she called me out on trying to de-clone her. So I said @*^% You and ran into my neighbors garage. The rest of the clones I had just de-cloned came after me and my two neighbors who were in there.
It really freaked me out for a few weeks, I was like the clones are after me!! I eventually got over it. I also combined another element I dislike into my blog name, those stupid kids in my class who annoy me constantly. I think they are phony and they are just drones of everyone else. They aren't unique and they have no personality. So in one word Conformists. I called myself clone girl because, it just went along with the title. I also like oxymorons so that played a role.

Now on to my homeschool topic (I know you are probably sick of hearing about this, and this will be the last post until I make my powerpoint and get my parents reactions). I think my parents should at least let me have a trial period to see if homeschooling will work out, maybe over winter break or something, so they don't even have to pull me out of the school system. If all goes well I could be able to homeschool myself the rest of the year!

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