Friday, October 10, 2008

The Internet is contacting you

Well, actually I think my computer is trying to tell me I've been on for way too long. (by the way sorry I have too much time in-between posts, I'm lazy, yes lazy not busy) I keep trying to watch videos on youtube and MTV, but it keeps not working. I have on my other tab, and I'm learning about this whistle type laguage called Silbo Gomero. It is an island on the canary islands called La Gomera. It seems isteresting to learn because it is like whistling but you are saying stuff. Anyways back on topic. I'm getting frustrated that my computer is being uncooperative. My teachers are also getting on my nerves. I think it is a conspiracy. None of them give us homework one day (usually on the days I have nothing going on after school) Then when I have something like a concert afterschool, I have homework in every class. This brings me to my next topic homeschool. I'm kind of on the fence now, I think I'm going to wait a week or two and see how I feel about it. Because if I'm not 100% on board my parents definetly won't be. Thank you Annie Girl for your comment it helped me a lot. I've always believed I could teach myself. I have some money saved up and I might be able to pay for science and math materials. I also think that with the way the computer has changed the world, I could find the answer to almost any problem I have. Then I come into the problems of self-motivation. Would I be able to do every thing and learn it? or would I just slack off? I am a procrastinator, I have maintained a 4.0 GPA through Middle school, but I usually wait til' the last second to finish something. If I make a plan on how to do something I usually make it too difficult to do/strict and I end up just making it up as I go along anyways. College. How am I supposed to prove that I actually know stuff and I didn't just slack off for the past 5 years? I think I still have a lot of research to do to convince my parents (and myself) that this is truly the best option.

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Strawberry Girl said...

Hey I guess your showing that your normal, you know with the slacking off. That's what has happened to me, being that I lived my life with deadlines and now that there are none it is hard to be motivated (I think I said that before). Now I am interested in a lot of things but find that if I (for instance) write down the things I am interested in then make an effort to work on them, then I do get some things done. (I have a long list of books) I guess what gets done is what is really interesting to you and is what should be done anyway. (As long as you avoid over addiction to mindless things).

~Annie Girl

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