Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A whole year

Well I'm just going to go with my life recently. I'm starting to think I have major stalking issues. This will be the second unfortunate nugget to fall into the pit of my infatuation. I really should be doing some homework now, but I just wanted to say that I'm alive, and physically well. The mental part, maybe not so much.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More than a post.

I think dance is a long term obsession. I can't stop thinking about it. I finally got my splits! It seems like for every one thing I accomplish there are 15 new ones to try. That whole fasting/ calorie restrictiong thing is not happening. I like food too much and some of it could be unhealthy for young people. I am eating more fruits and vegetables and everyday being a vegan becomes easier. It has been about a month into school and no one has noticed that I don't eat meat or cheese or stuff like that. I'm going to see if I can go the whole year. School is fun, but not at the same time. IB is a great program a lot of work but it isn't like they are just giving out worksheets to fill up our time.

Well I just wanted you guys to know I didn't die or go into a coma. =)

Friday, July 03, 2009


I've come out of hibernation, and I'm going to give you some important updates! =)

  1. I made the dance team!!! The auditions were in June. I figured I have nothing to lose so I might as well try. I'm actually surprised I made it. I'm so excited. There is a second audition (I'm going just for the heck of it. It is the same routine as the first one, so it will be super easy.) Then the "boot camp" is at the end of the month for 5 days. I've been training so I will be strong and flexible for it. I don't want to be a wuss for my first impression.

  2. I almost have my splits. I've been stretching an hour every night for a month. I'm so close. I think 1 more month at the most and I will have it on my right and left sides. The center could take a year or longer. My hips just don't open very well that way.

  3. I almost have elephant pose. That is the pose in the picture. I've come so far in yoga. I've only been doing it for a year, but wow. Last year I was just lucky if I could hold myself up in wheel/bridge/back bend (the same pose pictured, but with your leg down.)

  4. I'm switching my diet. (yet again) I eat wayyy too much junk. Just and example, jolly beans, frosting (amazingly there is vegan frosting at wal-mart, who knew?), fake cheese, Macaroni, Pizza, Naked Juice (It is good for you, but I should definitely cut back). I almost never eat vegetables, so a dramatic change is necessary. I'm only going to get fruits and vegetables, that way I won't eat any crap. Once a month I may treat myself to a baked good (vegan of course.) but other than that, no no no. I'm also going to try fasting (one day, once a month.) I'm doing this to cleanse my organs and just give my poor digestive track a rest. I also watched a thing (and read a book), about calorie restricted diets. They said they help you live longer and I believe it. So one week every month I'm going to try and eat about half as much as I usually do. This prompts your body to go into starvation mode and be more efficient. Of course when I return to normal, I'll probably go into fat storing mode. Hmmm, maybe I need to look at this a bit more. I'll still try it, but if there are any nasty side effects (I'm sure there won't be, but it is always a possibility) I'll quit.

  5. I got dance supplies. I ordered some tights and Dance Paws. I got them from Discount Dance Supply (I totally recommend them if you ever have any dance needs.) I got nude colored tights and some fun paint splattered ones. I can't wait to wear my stuff to class!

  6. My dance recital party thing was... =( I'm not sure if I mentioned the end of the year dance party/recital was in May. I don't want to make negative comments, but my group's dance and just me in general kind of stank. I'm not going to go on, but I've learned some very important lessons.

  7. I'm not going to be a ballerina for at least another year. Since I made the dance team, my parents aren't going to have the money (and time) to take me to ballet, dance, and yoga. I'll just see what happens. As of now the dance team is probably my best bet. Ballet is one of the hardest forms of dance. So by doing this I can get my feet wet before jumping in.

Pretty much all of my posts from now on are going to somehow be related to yoga, dance, flexibility or just health/fitness in general. I can't help it...I'm obsessed!!

Monday, May 04, 2009


My life is so lame, I'm about to explain to you the most pecular/interesting day of my life, it is also the closest I'm ever going to get to illegal drugs.

Normally I do not use the restroom in 3rd period, but I really had to go. I walk out into the hallway and something smells like it is burning. My first thought was "cigarettes" but I didn't figure anyone would be dumb enough to smoke cigarettes at school. Apparrently they aren't. I get back to class and I told my teacher. She walked out into the hallway and smelt it. Then she called the front office or school police officer. Of course a few kids in my class had to stick their head out the door and smell it. Most of them were like, "Umm cigarettes don't smell like that, it's pot." My teacher didn't directly state that it was pot, but she didn't deny that it was. It was crazy! I don't think I'll ever look at a bathroom the same way again. I couldn't believe it! I told my parents and they had like a zero reaction to it!
Now I can tell other parents that they should send children to our school because kids smoke pot in the bathrooms!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Really Slow

I just wish it could be next year already. I want to go to high school. The program I'm going to be taking (IB) looks challenging and I want to be challenged. I'm also sick of my schools administration. There are 3 reasons right now

  1. Tacky Day (See tacky day post)
  2. Buses (I'll explain)
  3. Field Day (I'll explain)

Well apparently my bus driver decided to take Friday off. So Friday morning we had a different bus and a different driver. That bus driver told us we would be riding a certain bus number that leaves earlier than our regular bus does. So everyone wrote the bus number down and made sure their younger siblings were aware of the change. We get out there just like the lady said, and what do you know apparently our bus is coming so we have to wait for about 15 minutes in the nice hot 90 degree sun. While we our waiting our principle comes over and starts yelling at us because, we "know" that we aren't supposed to be on that side of the bus loading zone. The side we were on is for little kids. Our bus is not late everyday we do not "know" which side we are supposed to be on. A bus finally came and brought us home.

Field Day. I'm not sure if I said this before, but the next three days I was supposed to help with the elementary kids' field day. I was pretty happy about it because I was missing 1,2, and 3 period. I wasn't too worried either, I'm doing great in all of those classes and they are non-essentials (Reading, Language Arts and Band). I was really excited about it, but you know my dragon lady principal if anyone is going to have fun she has to squash it. She didn't even tell us to our faces. She told the teacher who told us. The P.E. coach was pretty unhappy about it too! She really needed us to help, the teachers don't help and they don't have enough extra staff to help.

So all in all school is hell and I can't wait to leave. You gotta' know it's bad when 'good kids' start saying stuff like this. The dance is on Friday, if they do anything to mess with that, I've had it!

On a happier note, we got our Standardized writing scores back, and guess what? I got a perfect score! I'm so excited. My school takes all the students who get perfect scores to this expensive restaurant. I've never been there before, and I can't wait. I really worked hard on writing that paper. I was confident I got a six (perfect score) when I completed it. I'm glad I at least have that extra boost. I can't wait for the rest of our scores to come back (for Math, Science, and Reading). I know I did well and I hope it shows in my scores.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tacky Day, Ugghh

Well I officially 100% hate my principal (I know I usually say dislike with atomic intensity, but she is the one thing/person/evil troll in this world that I truly hate.). This week was spirit week at my school. So on different days there were things like Twin Day, Career Day, etc. On each day some teachers judge who is dressed the best (there are 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes). The 1st place usually gets $20 or some gift card. Tuesday was Tacky day. They posted a notice and told everyone the week before that "Plaid shorts and mismatched clothing is allowed." Normally we aren't allowed to wear plaid shorts, so that is what I and the rest of the school (teachers included.) assumed by this message. Well I went full out tacky. I had a neon green wig, uni brow, mustache, wacky make-up, and most importantly insanely layered clothing. I walked to class and people laughed at me and stared because I really looked stupid. It was awesome though. Everyone told me I was going to win for sure; I looked insane! So after the morning announcements me and the rest of the tacky dressed people in my school went into the media center (library) to get judged. I got there a couple of minutes before the other kids (my classroom is closer to the media center). People from the yearbook were taking our pictures, and I couldn't help but smile. I knew I was going to win. The smell of victory was cruelly snatched from my mouth as soon as the Principal walked in. She was screaming say that we were all out of dress code. I wasn't worried. In previous years you could wear clothing over top of a polo (collared) shirt and jeans or other suitable pants. Then she goes to each person and starts yelling at them saying they were supposed to layer their clothing, and they can't wear ties on their head. At that moment my heart literally fell from my body and to the other side of the world. It didn't really sink in. It is what I imagine cows feel like before they are about to be slaughtered. I was waiting for her to come and yell at me. She did. She started pointing out various things that I supposedly "knew were unacceptable". She said that we weren't allowed to layer clothing and she sent some magical memo to everyone telling them this. I went to the deans office and changed my clothing and went back to class. I'm surprised I didn't cry in class. I was so close to tears. I know what you must think, "It was only a stupid contest get over it." Well it wasn't to me. I seriously was looking forward to this all year (I know I'm a bit of a drama queen, but I'm not exaggerating.) I started planning from the beginning of school. I was determined to win this year. I've done it the past two years unsuccessfully. Well anyway, I got back to class and the teacher stopped the lesson and said something along these lines; "You really should have won. We all know you won. It was really unfair what they did." Then my classmates responded with choruses of "Yeah" and different variations of that. I was so mad the whole day, I still have not gotten over what happened and I don't think I ever will. Every single teacher on that campus was on my side, as well as the other students who were "out of dress code". I don't know why the Principal thinks she can get away with this. I'm going to send an email to the news station and hopefully word will get out about what an awful Principal she is. I have to look at her face at honor roll too. I don't want to shake her hand. How can she smile and pretend like everything is cool when it's not. She ruined my day/week, and I want an apology (No actually what I really want is for her to be fired, because I'm not going to accept her apology. I know it is harsh, but she isn't a good principal, and this incident just blew it over the top.) There was absolutely no reason for her to yell at me. I'm the reason why this school has received "A" rating the past couple of years. Without students, like me, who get high scores on standardized tests, this school would be crap. It isn't like I openly disobeyed dress code. She did not send anyone this magical memo about layered clothing not being allowed. My dad says she is probably under a lot of stress from the Superintendent, because of the recession. I really do not care what her problems are. She can get a therapist, she does not need to take it out on students. I really do love the rest of the staff at my school. I'm glad the dean(s) didn't yell at me (I probably would have cried) and they were all really nice. It is unfortunate people like her live in this world. There is no room for them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When you're right, you're right

The week off of school has been Amaazzing! No beach side chilling or fruit smoothies (although I really wouldn't mind a fruit smoothie). Mostly stuff I like to do, go on the computer, watch ANTM (America's Next Top Model), catch up on school work, and fall in love with...dance! Seriously I can not get enough of ballet! I don't take ballet classes, but recently I've discovered that I'm in love with it. Mostly just the athleticism and flexibility of the girls/guys who are dancers. Anyone who can physically stick their head up their butt is pretty cool in my book! I do take a hip-hop/jazz fusion class every Saturday for an hour, but that is mostly recreational (See I can still use big words, I didn't lose all my brain cells over Spring Break!). Since I'm going to be starting High School next year I'm thinking about taking 3 ballet classes a week as well. There are cost issues involved, but I think I can convince my parents that their money would be well spent. If that doesn't work then I'm just going to have to wait until I can get my own job to pay for the classes. I feel like being away from school is the best thing that could have happened to me. I really need a break from my classmates, I love these people but too much of a good thing is bad. I feel like everything is working in my favor for now. My acne is clearing up! That is the most exciting thing.
My obsessions are short lived and are often replaced by newer things. I just want you to know that I still do often think about most of my obsessions. Homeschooling- My parents were too stubborn so I had to let it go or be pissed off at them every day. Adonis- Yeah he is okay, but I could really care less about him. Clear Skin- Everyone wants it, but sometimes you need time. See that is only 3 obsessions (now 4) in the course of less than a year. I think it is genetic, my dad seems to have obsessions that then fall by the wayside.
We are having an end of the year party thing at my Saturday class and we are performing a piece done to Madonna + Justin Timberlake's song, 4 minutes. We just got the costumes yesterday and they are sweet. I'm not going to describe them, because let's face it we all know I stink at that. One piece was too small so she is ordering me 1 size larger. Once I get that piece I will take a picture of it and post it here. It is so awesome!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm getting really frustrated right now. I really want to earn money by doing surveys and that kind of thing, but you have to be 18 or older to complete most of the offers. I have been able to earn $0.90 on (http://cashcrate.com/1250475), but the only thing you can buy with that is some gum. I think it would be a great way for my mom to earn money, but she isn't computer savvy and wouldn't be able to do it. It is called a GPT (Get Paid To). Basically advertisers pay the sites to promote their surveys. Then people fill out the surveys or trial offers and you get a portion of the money the site gets. I might not have explained it well, you can google GPT and find out more info. The site I'm using (http://cashcrate.com/1250475) has a really good reputation. Some sites don't pay you your money, but this one does. It is basically the only one I can join too, because the other ones only allow members 18 or older. Darn, well only 4 more years.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I think I might have found a possible career option. Choreographer (even though I can't spell it!). I love making up different dances and I think I'm pretty good at it (Of course I think I'm good at everything...Just Kidding, I'm not that conceited!) I made up a dance to the song Move, Shake Drop. It isn't that great right now, but I've got time to perfect it! Not much really going on. I can't wait for spring break!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

$90 and nothing to show.

Well I went to ULTA and I bought $90 worth of Urban Decay goodies (for those of you who don't know, Urban Decay is a make-up company. They don't test on animals and have a lot of vegan products.). I feel kind of empty though. I wanted to spend money and I did, but I have buyers remorse and not for the reasons you think. $90 is a lot of money for a 14 year old to spend in one place. I think I just like to surround myself with money. I like to know that I could walk into a store and buy whatever I want. I never do buy anything, and the reason is because I don't want to part with my precious money. It is really annoying me. I mean what good is money going to do if you don't buy stuff! Sometimes the biggest battles you fight are against yourself, and it is weird because sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.
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