Saturday, April 04, 2009

$90 and nothing to show.

Well I went to ULTA and I bought $90 worth of Urban Decay goodies (for those of you who don't know, Urban Decay is a make-up company. They don't test on animals and have a lot of vegan products.). I feel kind of empty though. I wanted to spend money and I did, but I have buyers remorse and not for the reasons you think. $90 is a lot of money for a 14 year old to spend in one place. I think I just like to surround myself with money. I like to know that I could walk into a store and buy whatever I want. I never do buy anything, and the reason is because I don't want to part with my precious money. It is really annoying me. I mean what good is money going to do if you don't buy stuff! Sometimes the biggest battles you fight are against yourself, and it is weird because sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

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Strawberry Girl said...

I've had that strange feeling of remorse as well. It is a weird feeling, sometimes even kills the joy over what you got.

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