Thursday, April 02, 2009


I always get into moods where I feel like I have no talent. (It is true, but none the less not nice to say to myself or anyone else.) We had to take a career interest profiler thing at school. I have never been a fan of those. I think they aren't accurate. I take the test and you'd figure it would be easy; just answer questions about your self. Well of course I over analyze it and it does not work out. They ask questions like "Would you like to lay brick or tile?". Then I think, well I'm I going to have to do the math involved in that? Would I only have to do it once? Would I be doing it by myself? One million questions start popping up. I eventually click dislike, and a similar situation happens for the next 130 questions. I get the results and I'm thinking to myself, 'What the heck, am I on crack?!? That is not me at all!' One of the results was Clergy. I was like are you crazy I don't even have religion. So as you can see this stuff is clearly not 100% great. I have to do 2 assignments based on it though so I ended up picking to research the reporter/journalism career path. I took the test twice (I figure it would be more accurate if I took it a second time.) and I got reporter/journalist both times so I think it would be an interesting career to research and possibly do one day.


Anonymous said...

Very easy to get across the pond. Lots of options. Exchange programs and so forth. Maybe you can convince your American Portuguese friend that she must see her parents homeland. She probably has family here therefore you have a place to stay. Portugal is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

Bea said...

Hope the assignments go well. Those kind of profile predictors do sound pretty crude, no wonder you sound sceptical!
I bet careers advice is best in person, if you can see a good one.
For what it's worth, if I could go back I would choose to do something in a field that really 'gets me going', rather than go up a path I feel I should be doing..

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