Sunday, April 19, 2009

When you're right, you're right

The week off of school has been Amaazzing! No beach side chilling or fruit smoothies (although I really wouldn't mind a fruit smoothie). Mostly stuff I like to do, go on the computer, watch ANTM (America's Next Top Model), catch up on school work, and fall in love! Seriously I can not get enough of ballet! I don't take ballet classes, but recently I've discovered that I'm in love with it. Mostly just the athleticism and flexibility of the girls/guys who are dancers. Anyone who can physically stick their head up their butt is pretty cool in my book! I do take a hip-hop/jazz fusion class every Saturday for an hour, but that is mostly recreational (See I can still use big words, I didn't lose all my brain cells over Spring Break!). Since I'm going to be starting High School next year I'm thinking about taking 3 ballet classes a week as well. There are cost issues involved, but I think I can convince my parents that their money would be well spent. If that doesn't work then I'm just going to have to wait until I can get my own job to pay for the classes. I feel like being away from school is the best thing that could have happened to me. I really need a break from my classmates, I love these people but too much of a good thing is bad. I feel like everything is working in my favor for now. My acne is clearing up! That is the most exciting thing.
My obsessions are short lived and are often replaced by newer things. I just want you to know that I still do often think about most of my obsessions. Homeschooling- My parents were too stubborn so I had to let it go or be pissed off at them every day. Adonis- Yeah he is okay, but I could really care less about him. Clear Skin- Everyone wants it, but sometimes you need time. See that is only 3 obsessions (now 4) in the course of less than a year. I think it is genetic, my dad seems to have obsessions that then fall by the wayside.
We are having an end of the year party thing at my Saturday class and we are performing a piece done to Madonna + Justin Timberlake's song, 4 minutes. We just got the costumes yesterday and they are sweet. I'm not going to describe them, because let's face it we all know I stink at that. One piece was too small so she is ordering me 1 size larger. Once I get that piece I will take a picture of it and post it here. It is so awesome!


Strawberry Girl said...

I totally agree about the Ballet thing, beautiful art!! That' great news about the acne! As for obsessions, I tend to cycle through them as well. :D

(and breaks are good, I think I will go make me a fruit smoothie!! Sounds good) :D

4 BOYS ONLY said...

Ballet, Oh, I miss it! It was definitely my obsession for the first 18 years of my life! Our family always jokes that we totally reinvent our lives with the change of the seasons. IT'S SPRING! time to do new things! I think Ballet is a wonderful idea. Bummer about the home school thing. It can be a hard sell. Forrest (14) is doing an online high school. He really loves it and it's accredited and he will get a diploma. It's called keystone high school. They are very reasonably priced and you can even make monthly payments. maybe they would go for something like that? just a thought. Good luck with your performance.

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