Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm getting really frustrated right now. I really want to earn money by doing surveys and that kind of thing, but you have to be 18 or older to complete most of the offers. I have been able to earn $0.90 on (http://cashcrate.com/1250475), but the only thing you can buy with that is some gum. I think it would be a great way for my mom to earn money, but she isn't computer savvy and wouldn't be able to do it. It is called a GPT (Get Paid To). Basically advertisers pay the sites to promote their surveys. Then people fill out the surveys or trial offers and you get a portion of the money the site gets. I might not have explained it well, you can google GPT and find out more info. The site I'm using (http://cashcrate.com/1250475) has a really good reputation. Some sites don't pay you your money, but this one does. It is basically the only one I can join too, because the other ones only allow members 18 or older. Darn, well only 4 more years.


Strawberry Girl said...

That's a good idea... I used to do Harrison Polls until the polls became too long.

Jerbaldo said...

Earning money is always a terribly hard thing to do, especially in this economy right now. At least you know that getting your computing skills up is always a good thing, right?

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