Sunday, October 12, 2008

What happened to Adonis?

Yes well as you might have noticed, I have not talked about Adonis for awhile. This is troubling me. I'm wondering if I have a disorder where one obbsession gives way to another (Previous: Adonis Current:Homeschool) I should keep track of this, and I'm glad I have my blog to do this. I think I might just be being lazy, but I seriously would much rather prefer to be homeschooled. Who knows by the time my mom comes around, I'll be out of school, so I can't doubt myself for a second. I'm trying to give my mom the silent treatment, this way I'm making her just as mad as her and my teachers are making me. I could try that with my teachers, but I don't talk to them anyways. I need to come up with some new stragtegies. I found a program that I could use to homeschool 100% online, it's free and they have teachers you can call if you need help! My mom has still managed to find an excuse though. My parents and I are going to meet some guy my dad works with, because his daughter is homeschooled. I'm crossing my fingers this will go well. (Don't be evil I really need you to cross your fingers too) Well that is it, I'm off to prison...ooops, I mean it is called school, but is it really?

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