Friday, October 17, 2008

*laugh* *laugh* wait it wasn't even funny!

That title just randomly appeared in my head. My parents aren't even giving me a chance, here is the conversation:

Me: Why can't I be home schooled?
P: Because we don't know anything about it.
Me: What do you need to know?
P: YOU don't understand! You can't just jump into this!!
Me: I would be doing this online and you wouldn't do anything!

This is the point the conversation ends. Notice how my parents strategically avoid the answer, kind of like politicians. I can't understand their logic one bit, but oh well I blame the generation gap. I have dance tomorrow! Yay!
Yesterday I gave a letter to my guidance counselor (apparently she has to approve my online courses). Well actually I gave the letter to a lady at the front desk (guidance counselor GC was in a meeting). Today they call me into the front office saying it's all approved. I go home and check online and guess what? IT isn't! My gosh these people! Good thing the course starts in Nov. otherwise I would be messed up. So that is my compliant about school for today.

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