Sunday, November 16, 2008

Do I really care?

Well my mom found a stray cat and bird the other day. My neighbors are keeping the cat until they can give her to a no-kill animal shelter (or unhopefully -not full of hope- me). We couldn't catch the bird and we don't know where s/he went. My dad is getting on my last nerve. It seems like everything I ask for (that is you know, when actually do ask for something) he says no. My parents don't even seem to have a genuine interest in my life. I'm thankful that they take me to dance and my L.A. fitness classes, and buy me special food; but those are material things and they never really talk to me. The most I get is a 5 minute conversation about which classes I want to go to this week, or my mom asks me if I want to go to class, because if not she is going to go to my brother's game. I don't understand how the people that do everything right, get nothing back. I've gotten straight A's my entire life and it has been rotten. My brother meanwhile has been all over the place A-B's D's C's! He has $300 worth of video games and DVDs, meanwhile I get the whole "Well we appreciate you more-you have a laptop-you have cellphone-don't be such a spoiled brat speech.". I don't even know what it could possibly be that get nothing. I would like to talk to the greater power who gives out all the magnificent gifts, beauty-intelligence-and other wonderful talents. I would tell him/her what a stupid thing it is to have intelligence, because you just realize how awful the world is. Bottom line, I'm mad, I'm sad and I feel under appreciated.

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Strawberry Girl said...

Tell me about it! I totally get what your saying because I feel like the only responsible one in my family. I have always worked hard and done a good job but I always felt like it was not noticed or appreciated. But then again... they trust me more than the other kids, I don't want to be unintelligent and I don't want to slack off because I like who I am and I am doing what I like no matter what anyone thinks or what reward others give to me. At least I can respect myself, the rewards for what you are doing will come back to you. If your parents are making obvious mistakes be sure to not judge them too harshly. Most kids are ignorant to their parents weaknesses until they become bigger themselves then all of their parents faults become a glaring reality to them. I hope things work out for you.

~Strawberry Girl

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