Monday, November 03, 2008


It bugs me so much when people take too long to do something. A prime example of this is school. These children take forever to do an easy task. Sometimes I can't believe it. They seriously don't care. they just ask me for all the answers and laugh about them being so unscholarly. They don't expect anything from themselves and they automatically brand themselves dumb. I know they aren't so it makes me sad when I go to school and see these kids. Any whoo Nothing too interestin' has happened lately. LA fitness moved Yoga to Wed. nights and I'm so excited. I really want to get better at dance too. I wish I could be homeschooled take, yoga and ballet. But I guess 1/3 isn't too bad right?

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Strawberry Girl said...

My sister has this type of attitude. She got mixed up one year in school and then after that decided to give up completely, her and my little brother as well. It's like their biggest ambition in life is to become a no one and do nothing with their lives. GRRR.

~Strawberry Girl

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