Sunday, September 21, 2008

Physics Ugghh.

Well I'm doing my science homework *scarsm* yay *end sarcasm*. It is about balance and scales and other crap I really don't care about. The party I went to was fun. I think I caught a cold from toxic though. Maybe it is just because the only things I've eaten in the past 12 hours are cheesecake, popcorn and a smoothie. Detrimental has like no food at her house!
I want to have a myspace account, but my parents won't let me. It stinks. I'd only talk to my friends and kids from school. Old people psshh. They don't understand that online social networking systems are the thing of this generation.... Well that is all for now, sorry this post is so short. I'm tired, hungry, dehydrated, and I have some homework to do.

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