Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I knew it would be a good day

I've decided my blogular format. One day I'll do my opinion on something or some other randomn thig you probably don't even care about and the next day I'll do an update on my life. I know my life isn't that interestin' so that is my plan. Today I woke up and I never know how they day is going to turn out until I get on the bus. I get feelings like today I was super super excited and happy and I had no clue why. Oh and another thing everyday I found a quarter on the ground and I picked it up it was a bad day so don't pick up quarters!! I've been drinking green tea (the tea tea kind). There seems to be an illness going around and so far I only have a sore throat, I don't want it to get any worse, my left side of my jaw is all messed up and I have no clue why so I really don't want any more ailments. I really should be doing my homework right now, but seriously it is so boring and I have to make sure I write on here every day. I saw that someone voted on the poll. Thank you anonymous person!! =) I made a new poll because the other one expired, and if you could please take a second to vote, that is the only way I'll know that someone visited my blog. It warms my insides. Okay you all knew this was coming, das Gift I haven't even said hi to him is a week (well more like he hasn't said hi to me, I'm shy). Although
today I think he did look out the back of the bus at me when it drove off but maybe not. I'm just happy I get to look at him every day. He is so sweet yesterday when the bus driver "wouldn't move the bus until the person who whistled came forward". He was willing to get in trouble for the whole bus, but he would have got suspened from the bus, so he didn't. Also I got to help put together folders for the guidence counsler and there were 3 other kids there. 2 of them are annoying but one of them is male and he can't help it. The other one I almost wanted to shove my sock down her mouth so she would quit talking. I guess the guy isn't soo bad sometimes I can actually have a decent conversation if he isn't trying to flirt with some girl. I als get to see how the rest of the class perceives me. He was surprised that I do hiphop and latin dance, I think everyone in my class thinks I'm a conservative, boring, girl but they only see me at school. I've been told by numerous people that I act "different" outside of school whether that is good or bad I don't know, but I'm hoping it's good.

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