Monday, September 22, 2008

Teachers the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Teachers uggh, it is sometimes hard to remember they're people too. I think some adult brainwashing goes on that makes parents automatically assume all teachers are nice, they aren't. My least favorite teacher is my reading teacher. I think reading is a completely pointless topic. If you don't know how to read by 8th grade then oh well too bad so sad. Anyways this teacher (I call her buttface behind her back) she trys to be "hip and cool" but she isn't and you can tell she is trying to hard, also she always forgets to pick us up from electives so we are always at least 2 minutes late to our next class. Whenever we ask her questions she doesn't understand what we are asking and starts talking about something completely unrelated. She also has a real attitude issue. She asked us if we knew how to make a foldable and we all did so we sat there because no answer usually means that, no one has any questions. She had to have an atitude about it and she said, "well I aksed (yes she said aksed instead of asked, she can't even talk right and she is a reading teacher) you guys if you knew how to make a foldable and you looked at me like I had 12 heads, so oh well." Only one person had trouble making a foldable, so she just thinks we're stupid. She is the one who said the Pimple Brown and Snotty Sally thing too. She is kind of a hypocrite telling us that we can't tell people they're ugly, but she can say that stuff. This Next teacher is one of my favorites, my langauge arts teacher. She has 3 kids and one of them is our age. (although not all teachers with children are better buttface has kids too) She treats us as equals and she sometimes does get taken advantage of, but not by me. If we don't like the way other teachers are doing stuff (i.e. buttface forgetting to pick us up) we usually tell her and she says she'll talk to them about it. You can't exactly go up to a teacher and say, "Why can't you pick me up on time?" because that usually ends up being disrespectful or teachers just plain don't like you. But I'll save that for later. My next teacher is my social studies teacher. In one word she is......fair. Everything is the same for everyone, that is the biggest reason why I like her. She also talks about Rock Band and other video games with us sometimes, but we always get over work done first. Her class is one of my favorites. She explains stuff to us all the time (that is important in social studies) and she doesn't yell at us unless we talk too much. Math......=(. Math is one of my least favorite subjects (even though I'm great at it) we have homework every night and sometimes my math teacher gets a little looney. She some weird mumbo speak when her computer is acting weird. The only times her class is fun is when she tells us life stories my favorite is when she told us about the time she fell out of a tree. Last but not least Science. She is usually in a good mood but sometimes I don't know. These kids in my class talk constantly and aparently at the end of the day we are worse. I like science but sometimes she explains things confusing and I need to be re-explained. That is pretty much it. Now School Rules, I think school takes away one of our constitutional rights Freedom of speech. We aren't allowed to tell adults anything, such as, why didn't you finish grading my test, why are you always late, NO I don't want to sit down. Dress code takes this further, we have no way to express ourselves with clothing. People are going dress however they want regardless. I don't know why kids have such harsh rules and adults get is easy, I guess adults have a harsher penalty for breaking their laws, but ethier way it stinks.

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