Wednesday, September 24, 2008

7 things

Well Today is my random whatever I want to talk about day, so here is the topic.... Advice on how not to be annoying for guys. It is an explanation of what girls like and dislike about males and things to help you get a date. I would write one for girls, but seeing as I'm not a guy and don't know what guys like in girls I can't very well do that. I know the title of this post is the same as a song by Miley Cyrus, to set the record straight I dislike Disney channel so I don't listen to her music, but I liked this title. There are two categories looks and attitude.

Physical Appearance:
  1. Mouth: Make sure to brush your teeth, no one likes stinky breath or yellow teeth. If your teeth just don't get white no matter how much you brush I recommend Whitening Strips, they have many available kinds at Wal-Mart or Drugstores (CVS, Walgreen's, etc.)
  2. Hair: Sometimes too much gel can look nasty, it makes your hair look greasy (which isn't good) If you have curly hair I recommend going with your hair instead of against it. If you have curly hair and it looks afro-ish then keep it short. If you have straight hair do whatever. A substitution for gel would be when your hair is wet style it how you want it to look and let it dry this way, then you can add a tiny amount of gel to the roots if necessary.
  3. Face: I have acne too and I have for at least 3 years, so believe me I'm not trying to hurt any feeling here. There is an acne product I get it from Wal-Mart and it is $4 a bottle. It has 10% benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl peroxide gets rid of pimples super fast. It might make your face really dry, but then you can use a lotion or moisturizer, dry skin isn't as noticeable as a pimple anyways. If you can't find a product strong enough for you. Ask your doctor (family doctor not dermatologist) if they can prescribe a medication. If that doesn't work go to a dermatologist, because they specialize in skin and it might be the second layer of skin or some junk like that.
  4. Body: If you do a few push ups and a few crunches everyday you should be fine. Sports could also help you stay physically active. Or you can join a gym.
  5. Clothing: Dress how you are don't change for anyone, let your personality shine through your clothes.

Now for Attitude:

  1. Check your attitude at the door. If you're having a bad day, don't take it out on someone else. Try to avoid people that easily upset you if you're already not in a good mood. Don't look for trouble.
  2. A little respect goes a long way. If you have problems being with being nice to people pretend like a girl you like is watching you. She might be, if you treat other people badly she is going to think you're a jerk. Especially shy girls (such as me), if you make fun of other people shy girls think you will make fun of them too. There was a quote that said, something like 'don't measure a man by how he treats his equals, but by how he treats his lessors' Add sir or ma'am when you are talking to an adult, yes it does seem old school or nerdy, but it shows you have a good family and good manners.
  3. Compliment Whores. Don't compliment a girl unless you really mean it. If other people tell her that something looks stupid, and you tell her it looks awesome she is going to think that you either lied or you don't know what you are talking about, therefore all following compliments will be disregarded. Neither are good for you. Only give one compliment a week, make it count! If you give her a compliment every other day she won't care anymore. I would
  • Compliment her on one thing every other week (but don't repeat for more than 3 weeks) do this every other week for the best effect
  • Pick a compliment she probably rarely gets, like Your eyes are so pretty or something. If you talk about accessories such a bracelets, necklaces, belts, earing or if you notice something like she parts her hair a different way, or her belt is too the side, or shoes, then that is a bonus because it is unique. Things up by her head are easier to see so if you notice something like shoes or an anklet few people have probably noticed that.

Well that is pretty much it these are all guidlines, you don't have to follow them strictly I'm just giving you tips to help. Maybe a guy can email me one of these so I know why I don't have a boyfriend. That's it for today, please leave a comment, or vote, or email me I love feedback. Thanks =D

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