Friday, September 19, 2008

Why must I be totured???

Well this whole week was a rotten pile of fish. Das Gift didn't talk to me at all and he has a girlfriend. I did get to touch his hand when I got off the bus for bus drills, but like that really matters. I'm OBBSESSED! I can't believe it. I searched his name on google, myspace, and I'm seriously thinking about finding out how to track him down so I can talk to him online. Maybe I could look him up in the phone book...... Well that hasn't worked. I'm getting so frustrated. At least I have dance tomorrow. I wish I could just have a civil converstation with das Gift. I'm sure he thinks I'm a freak. I don't talk to anyone (on the bus, the only time he sees me) and when I do I look unhappy or groucy without meaning to be. I also like take a billion seconds to answer when he does talk to me (a total of 5 times this year) I'm hoping the 8th grade dance might be a turning point (that is like 6 months away) Hopefully I can sneak a picture of him so I can stare at his beautiful face all day long. His name means something about aphrodite, but it is a guys name. I haven't been able to locate him in the phonebook. Maybe my friends can help me at the sleepover tomorrow night.

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