Saturday, September 13, 2008

das Gift, Dance and time.

Well this is my first post, I've been thinking about this blog for about two weeks. I've also formed numerous posts in my mind, but this is my first post. Okay so to start with I'm not using any real names, I'm making up names for everyone I want to talk about. das Gift is a boy I like. (again this is not his real name, and das Gift is a German word for poison. All the people I like or consider friends have some sort of toxic nature to their name) Well I just started off like a typical teenage girl would "I like this guy.... I not popular.... Everyone hates me..... I want to die" but I'm not like that. Actually I think very differently from my peers and even my parents (except my dad, we're pretty much like mind twins). I have no friends. I'm dead serious, this is my definition of a friend: someone who shares your interests, ideals, and personality. I want someone excatly like me to be friend is bascially what I'm saying. No one in my class is like me, but I found people who are tolerable. Back to das Gift, well he is everything I'm not, and everything that is important. I'm not going to sit here and describe his perfection, but rather my imperfection. I'm not a perfectionist (after a certain point I really don't care) but there are certain things that have to be just right and other things I sometimes overlook. When I do reports, I usually get a lot of sources, but I sometimes overlook length. The problems with other people aren't that they are different, but I am. I think other people are dumb, because they buy too much, are shallow, misinformed, and some people I dislike because they are plain stupid. I'm sure anyone intelligent enough to read a blog isn't like this, but so far the people I've been exposed to are. I'm hoping maybe in adulthood I'll have the perfect life, but I'll still be living in a the same world. My reading teacher (I'll call her buttface) is really superfical. She was asking us to write an essay about what we would do if we were forced to marry someone. She said "What if they were Snotty Sally or Pimple Brown" I thought she was talking about snotty as in bratty, spoiled, stuck up, etc. but she was saying that they have snot running down their face all the time. I really think there is no need for an explanition about pimple brown. That deeply offended me. I have acne, it isn't really bad and it is mostly under control, but people can't control what they look like. I wouldn't critize someone about the way they look if they can't help it. I'm getting completely off topic, well anyways onto dance.
I started this jazz/hiphop dance thing today, and I had a great time. The dance it self was fairly simple, again I had people issues. The instructor was lovely, a lot of charisma, jovial, and she made me feel relaxed and didn't make me feel like an idiot or dummy because I don't know how to dance very well. It was this one girl in my class who also goes to my school (I'll call her Big Mouth or BM for short). BM had this attitude, like snobby. We don't talk much at school so I didn't expect to have an actual conversation with her, but I think she was mad at me for coming. I definetly know it wasn't because I'm better than her that is for sure. Here are my possible explanations:
  1. She thinks she is so much better than me at dance that I should be thanking her just to be in the same room.
  2. Me and another girl (Butt Brag BB for short, BB goes to my school) just joined the class today and BM might be PO because it was only her and another girl (Georgia, who goes to my school). So she is mad it isn't just her and Georgia.
  3. She is mad I joined and I'm taking "her thing" this would make her less unique.

I hope whatever it is she loses the attitude soon. I just hate it when people are pissy and I don't know why. The other girls were fine. The instructor was happy that more people are coming, and she is putting an add out in the paper, so more people are going to be coming. Besides if someone from my class wanted to take Yoga, with me (Yes I do yoga) I would be excited and eager to share tips with them and happy to have someone to discuss yoga with. I guess me and BM just have different personalities, and dance is the only semi-unique thing about her, so she didn't want someone else to "take it". I really don't even care any more.

Well I was watching a show about time, but now I'm watching bring it on again. Shows about time and time travel always blow my mind. It was really awesome, but I'm not a physicist, and I don't feign interest in those subjects. Bring it on again is more my tempo, except I think cheerleaders get a bad rep. They have to train really hard and they do cool flips and stuff. They are the limbo between gymnastics and dancers. I think these movies make their rep. worse. The one lady sounds like a stuck-up, narcissitic, brat.

Well that is it for now. Talk to you later =)

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Crawford said...

Hello Real Fake. I found it quite amusing as I was perusing your blogs that I was nagged by the thought that you sounded kind of like a character in a book that I had just finished. Then to my amusement I find you have a poll on the very book of which I speak. So I say nice to meet someone who reminds me of Miss Bella Swan and nice to see that she is now a follower of my blog.

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