Monday, September 29, 2008

Licensed to ride a bike

Seriously I think I need one. Look out world because in two and a half years I will be able to obtain a license (for a car). That is scary considering I have negative five motor skills (yes that is possible). I have enough trouble not running into things or falling over when I'm walking. Now add four wheels and a motor. I've been riding my bike around lately. I don't know why, I just feel like riding my bike. I like the fresh air and the exercise. This is a dialogue I had with a kid on my bus: L= The person M=Me

L= Hey (yeah he doesn't even say my name)
M= Looks over
L= I saw you riding your bike
M=Nods Head
L=Why do you ride your bike?
1 second goes by
L= for exercise? (great now he is calling me fat!)
M=Nods head
L= Why? You're skinny? (Nice save, so apparently I'm not fat)
M= You can be skinny and still be flubby (yes I said flubby)
L= Oh

As you can see this is a mostly one-sided conversation. I didn't even realize it until now. The person I was talking too, he is nice, I guess (I'm trying a new thing where I say nice things about people). He can sometimes be obnoxious, and cuss or made, dumb jokes. I guess most guys are like that, until they grow up. The reason I'm mentioning him is for two reasons (I'll call L Leaf Brain) So here are the two reasons why I mentioned Leaf Brain
  1. He is Friends with Adonis!
  2. He talks to me randomly out of nowhere

I want to discuss #2. I over-analyze everything people do, I'm constantly watching body language, and every finger tap means something to me. This could just be because I'm female, and I've heard that we tend to do that. I'm not going to discuss this topic any further, because I'll eventually end up making no sense. That is all for today! =D


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Strawberry Girl said...

That's great, I wish my bike's tires would quit popping.


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