Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bovine Excrement- veggies

I was listening to a podcast I got off iTunes. It is the Vegan Freak Podcast. It is episode 101, and they are talking with a guy called the Angry Hippie. This guy has his own podcast and he talks about politics, animal rights and stupid people (It sounds like my kind of podcast). He was talking about people who say they are vegetarians or vegans, but yet they eat meat, or diary. He calls them bull****atarians. I agree. I know a few people like that. My brother's friend's family eats white meat, but they call themselves vegetarians.
I have an idea forming in my head. I was thinking of doing a presentation at my school about animal rights. Most kids I know love animals, but they have not been shown what really happens to your McNuggets. I think if they saw it they would be disgusted. That is what happened to me. I read a book about how animals are slaughtered, and I became a vegetarian (the real kind). I saw a video by PETA showing the exact cruelties I heard about and I became a vegan. It is a ten minute video, so on a day we are doing nothing in science class (this is science) I thought maybe I could show the video and get the people to do a worksheet about different kinds of animals. Hopefully I would have a lot less meat eaters.
I also have to have a serious talk with my reading teacher about this stupid lexile system. I don't feel like going into detail right now, but basically there is a system in place that discourages loving reading and prevents children from reading books they enjoy.

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Strawberry Girl said...

I saw some of the same video's, truely disgusting. That's why I buy raw milk from a farm down in Payson and eggs from them as well. I never eat from fast food restraunts and although I do eat meat it is from grass fed and free range animals. I try to have at least 2 or 3 vegan/vegetarian days per week and I am working up to more.

~Strawberry Girl

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