Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wife Swap

I think that would be an interesting show to be on. I would like to see how someone else lived. I also think I'm pretty open-minded so it would be a pretty easy experience (but who doesn't think that they are open-minded?). I just have no idea what kind of family they would pair us up with. I don't really think my family is really psycho. If you've ever watched the show you would get what I'm saying. This one family only ate raw food, and they ate meat. They were like, "Nothing in Nature is bad for you blah blah blah God loves us blah blah." I was like, 'Umm have you heard of poison or salmonella?'
Well, let's see yesterday I finally visited a dermatologist. I got this antibiotic thing and some cream stuff. I'm really crossing my fingers this time. Acne just really stinks and I'm over it. I took pictures to send to Murad. I think I should get more than a refund. I wasted time, money and thought processes on that stupid thing. The amount of frustration I had over it not working was un-BE-lievable. I was even starting to question my diet. I think I needed to take a antibiotic or pill or something, because creams can only do so much. Beauty is only skin deep, but apparently my acne isn't. That is just a metaphor of course.
I'm really thankful, on our way to the Doctor's office we got pulled over by the cops. We were late and my mom was speeding a little bit (12 mph!). Thankfully they only gave us a warning. My mom was already ticked-off that she had to take me to the Dermatologist, and I really did not want here to get any angrier.
I'm going to yoga tonight. I really am not getting the whole "letting go of competition." That is just not me at all. If I'm not the best I'm a loser and I really have to stop with that kind of an attitude. I'll start trying tonight and I'll tell you how it goes.
I hope you have a marvelous day and don't let the boogies get you down! =)


Strawberry Girl said...

Man, acne sucks!! Check out this book and web-site.


Maybe it will help.

Good Luck. :0)

Libby said...

Thanks for the encouragement on the writing. I hope you're right.

Acne really sucks. I had it really bad about ten years ago and it hasn't ever really gone away, not to bring you down or anything, I think part of it is the way I treat my skin, but there were a lot of rough times. And (moving into infomercial mode) I tried murad and proactive and cetaphil and purpose and bath and body works moisturizing 'all natural' line and the pills and creams... well, really all of it. Some of it helped, some did nothing. My skin is super sensitive and anything too drying or harsh screwed it up and anything too moisturizing made it oily. But mostly I think it was the chemicals (that are in EVERYTHING these days) that really messed with my skin. The last couple of years, and the most consistent my face has been, I've been using Shaklee products. The line for oily skin doesn't dry my skin out, which has never happened before, when it said it maintains your natural oils I didn't believe it and tried the moisturizing stuff, but it was too moisturizing and then went to the non-oils one and it was ridiculously amazing. I think this is the longest my skin has been consistently mostly clear and soft and healthy and not dry and cracky.
If you feel like trying something you can order it from my page: http://www.shaklee.net/libbywalkup/product/59236
Don't mean to sell you something, but it's out there if you want to try it, and you can send back empty bottles for a full refund if it's not satisfactory. That's the link for the whole set, the essentials would be the cleansing gel, toner and balancing moisturizer. Oh and two pumps for the cleansing gel and moisturizer. Man. I'm going to stop talking about this, if you're curious about it just let me know. Thanks for the comments on my page.

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