Friday, March 20, 2009

The Freaky thing is

Okay well a few days ago I posed the Question, 'Would you rather by deaf or blind and why?' Well wouldn't you know it, we got into that very same discussion in reading class on that same day (I did not start that discussion just so I would have something to blog about.) Leave it to my reading teacher to make it into some big deeper meaning biblical stuff. I can't remember exactly what she said so I'll give you my version of what she said.

"blah blah The bible says something about eyes lead you not to trust and your ears lead you to trust blah blah Judging things by how they look blah blah."

Just thought that I would share that with you. My Birthday is coming up soon. I'm having a yoga party and it is going to be sweet. Speaking of sweet, My cake is going to be a yellow cake with Vanilla frosting. You omnivores are probably like, "Okay big deal, it is just cake." While you may eat cake often (or not) I get very limited amounts of cake so please deal with my excitement. I didn't realize you can order Vegan cake and frosting mixes. They have everything online. I was just wondering, 'Why can't Wal-Mart carry this stuff?' Then I realized they wouldn't be the greedy corporates that everyone hates if they did that.

Okay here is the Question;

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?
You would stay there for 2 months, be able to speak that language, it would be free and you could have a travel companion if desired.


Strawberry Girl said...

Interesting questions...

I am feeling kind of blah right now so i'm not sure I could ponder the thought about whether or not I would rather be deaf or blind... but if I could go anywhere, speak the language and have a travel companion it would be to Italy, such a romantic city...

Plus I agree about the bit on Wal-Mart being a greedy corporate monster and that it's cool that you can order vegan stuff online (i've done quite a bit of that)... ;p

Jerbaldo said...

I think I would go to Vegas. All my friends keep talking about how incredible it is, not the gambling, but the whole experience.

Can't wait to go some day...

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