Sunday, March 08, 2009

Random Ramblings

Yeah I know the human mind doesn't work on random. Every thought and idea is connected so it is virtually impossible to be "random". Well here is my attempt at it. Daylight savings time stinks. It usually takes me awhile to figure out if we are gaining or losing an hour and then I'm confused for a week because my biological clock is off-set. Darn you Benjamin Franklin! I feel relieved, I finished all my homework. I almost chucked my computer out the window. I hate Microsoft. Bill Gates sure scammed me out of a lot of money, because this system stinks. The next computer I buy will be a mac. PCs just don't cut it. I think this computer probably has another good 3-4 years. It is only two years old now. I should be able to save up for a mac in that amount of time. In case you haven't noticed I've added like 10 new blogs to my following list. I was hoping that if I followed their blog and commented on their blog they would look at my blog and maybe do the same. I'm going to give them a break people are busy, but if none of them have commented within 2 weeks I'm going to be seriously upset. Well I know this post was very negative, but it was a difficult day having my demon brother home all day (he is seriously the most annoying child in the world).


Jerbaldo said...

The funny thing about being random is that it takes more brainpower and skill to BE random then it does to just follow the set course and structure that your brain is used to.
I think I'll have to make a random blog one day, it sounds really fun.
Little brothers do get annoying...

Libby said...

Macs are amazing. I got an Asus Eee PC (super tiny. Tinier than the macbook air) and it runs on Linux which is better than windows, but I miss my mac a lot, and will be buying one once I get settled somewhere again.

Oh and annoying little brothers become housemates which become partners and children... it really never ends. My tip to you, if I have one, live by yourself for at least, well at least 6 months. I had a year and a half and it was a fantastic year and a half. :)

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