Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yesterday I brought my friend (we'll call her RC for Rocker Chick) to my dance class. They had this whole bring a friend day thing and overall it was a lot of fun. I have a few things I want to talk about then I'll be moving on to the main topic of today's discussion. This class was a lot longer than I'm used to. The last 30 minutes or so I just wanted to leave. I was starving, and I was tired. We did all the stuff we normally do (stretching, warm-up, technique, and then a dance combination). There were a lot of people and 2 in particular that captured my interest. They were obviously friends (or they knew each other) and they had both obviously done some kind of dance before (You don't exactly do a split on the first day you come). The thing that was weird was they were both extremely large. I'm not talking about morbidly obese, they just had thicker limbs and an overall thicker body. I know it isn't all muscle either because it jiggled and muscle does not jiggle. It kind of threw my off. Everyone has this image or stereotype that dancers are all long and thin. One of them had this possessed look on her face whenever she did the combination or the technique exercises. I found it quite humorous. They were very good though and I enjoyed watching them.

As you might know one of my 3 things I want are to be a ballerina (or at least have that flexiblity and muscle). I mean who does not want to be able to kick their foot up to their shoulder? I think I have to really step it up. I've been doing flexibilty excercises every morning. I had to stop because I injured my left hamstring, but it is all better now and I'm taking a much slower pace.

That trip to the dermatologist defintely helped. It hasn't even been a week yet and I'm already seeing improvment.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the skin improvement.

Love dance. Would have never made a ballerina though. Not nearly enough discipline and not even close to the body. I particularly like modern dance productions. Dancers are built, but tend to have the bodies of volleyball players. Thick thighs and so forth. (Just makes me feel better about myself. :)) Serious about dancing? Have you checked out any of the big schools? here's a directory because I don't really know to be honest... But CalArts has one I think and Art Institute of Chicago (My housemate just suggested those two).

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