Friday, March 06, 2009

Manifest Destiny

Doesn't that sound like some coolish awesome title that was used way back when. Well it was and it was perfectly fitting for my day. Well I'll start at the beginning. Manifest destiny is a term a Newspaper reporter (in the 1800's) used to define the concept that it is America's destiny to own all the land from sea to shining sea. My take on this is well because "god says" we can kick other people off of their land and claim it as our own it must be okay. I'm not even going to go off on the topic of American land expansion because I had a marvelous day. It started out pretty normal. Rushed out the door, and doing half of my homework on the bus. Then I get to school and I forgot to drop off my band uniform in the band room. We had a concert yesterday in a nearby high school and we had to take our uniforms home. So I dropped it off and I said hi to some other band people. Then as I was walking out the Assistant Principal calls my name. I was in complete shock, I had no idea she knew my name. Usually school officials only know the names of trouble makers and I was just like woow. I even thought she was talking to someone else (there are about 2 other kids at my school with the same first name as me). Anyways apparently at the history fair ceremony- that I missed yesterday-I won $15. I had to miss some more class time (it was reading so like I really care) and go get some papers and fill them out blah, blah. I should be getting the money on Monday. That isn't the end of it. The rest of reading we went to the library so I have 3 books now. Then I went to band. Band is basically going to be free time today and all of next week (we have standardized testing next week so no hard work or homework). Some people listened to recordings of what the judges said about our performance yesterday. Our band director was ticked off, because we should have gotten a little bit of a better rating. We all know the judges didn't want us to get a good score because technically our band director isn't even a director. He is still going to college "learning" to be a band director. I (and pretty much all of the other band kids) think he is as good as or better than any other band director, but our say doesn't matter much. Well then I'm going to the rest of my classes same old same old. Then about half-way through the day some 7th grade band kids come in and there all like, "There is a band rehearsal today, right now." I'm all left in the dust trying to process what this means. I could pretty well guess that I was going to miss math (again not a big loss). Apparently the administration told my band director at his lunch time that he is doing a concert on Monday. I just can't believe that. We usually prepare for a month or more before a concert. Well we get about 3 days. I've got to practice like crazy over the weekend. We are playing 2 really fun songs. We are playing "Born to be Wild" and "Eye of the Tiger". The songs are for the testing pep rally. Before our standardized tests we have these pep rally things. I dislike them with atomic intensity. They mean we get to miss class though and that is all right with me. Nothing really exciting happened the rest of the day, but it was really nice to have all these unexpected surprises. Whether it was my manifest destiny, fate or karma we will really never know.


Strawberry Girl said...

I've always been a bit uncomfortable with the idea of Manifest Destiny as well.

I love those kind of day's that just flow and interesting things happen. :0)

Libby said...

Those are really fun songs! I miss being in band. What instrument do you play?

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