Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make me a supermodel

That is my newest obsession. If you don't know Make Me a Supermodel is a TV on the Bravo Channel. It has a few of my favorite things all rolled into one.

  1. Pretty People (C'mon you know you like pretty people too!)

  2. Gay Guys (They are just so innocent and non-threatning, you can't help but love them)

  3. Fierce Clothes (The only time I get to see clothing that is expensive is on TV)
  4. Amazing Make-up (Seriously wow, that is all I can say. I think the make-up makes the whole supermodel/fierce/awesome look.)

It is also sometimes annoying. On the show they get make overs to make them look edgier or whatever. Of course there are always one or two people who cry over getting their hair cut or dyed. It always bugs me. If I were in their position. I would be like, "You can shave it all off you think it would make me look better!" Obviously people who can't do that don't care too much. It is just hair don't cry over it. You know what it grows back too! When it grows back it looks exactly like it did before! (sarcasm of course)

Today I actually did my homework. I don't know what has come over me. I guess 2 weeks of no homework was enough to make me super bored. At the end of every post from now on I'm going to pose a question. Just one of those If you were stuck on a deserted Island... type of things. So here it is.

If you had to choose to either be deaf or blind, which one would it be and why?

My answer: deaf, I know I have no musical talents so it would not bother me, but take my colors away and forget about it I would just rather die.


Jerbaldo said...

Ha! I think every single one of my friends has asked me this question, and they're all surprised at my answer.
I'm a musician, and to me a life without music would be so bland...yes, I know not being able to see would be terrible, but I could still understand the world just the same. Imagine not being able to hear anyone talk, not being able to listen to your favorite composers. UGH! I couldn't do it.

Blind it is.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on the hair thing. My grandpa and aunt were hairdressers so I always had crazy crap goin' on with my hair. Faux hawks. Orange. Yellow. Violet. But mostly red. One minute I'm long with a layered perm, the next I'm two inches from the scalp. I always go through these 'need to grow my hair out' stage. (I'm in one right now.) Six months from now I'll get tired of it and cut it all off again. Really liberating really.

And, I'd have to say blind. Well... Well... Damn, I just remembered reading. I can hardly learn another language, let alone having to learn braille. But sign language I think would be easier for me, but I really like sounds. I don't know. I can't answer.

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