Sunday, March 22, 2009


I'm just kind of uninspired. Weekends tend to do that to me (weekdays tend to do that to me too!). I think I'm just tired. Aw well the show must go on . I've been amazing myself with my keyboarding skills. I can play most Grade 1 pieces with some work (For those of you who don't know Grade 1's are basically the easiest piano pieces. The only easier level is the primer level). That is a progression! If I can ever figure out how to work the stupid connector cord I will put some of my playing on here. So since I'm feeling uninspired I'm going to plink it. I'm using a website called Plinky (Plinky[dot]com). They have interesting prompts to help you get over blogger's block.

You've been invited on a talk show to explain your job to the hosts. What would you say you do on a daily basis?

Yes I do realize I do not have an official title, but I do play an important role as a student of my school. I may not get paid in money, but I do get paid in smiles. For those of you who don't know smiles are the currency on Mars the planet where I currently wish I residing. I'll explain to you what I do. I ride a bus to my job, this allows me time to work on projects I haven't quite finished (a.k.a homework). Once I'm at school I'm herded like a sheep to my classroom. I'm then locked in there for 45 minutes. There are special occasions when I get to go run errands for my teacher. Next I move on to another room. This is my favorite part of the job. Band Class! I basically get to have fun and not worry about getting a good grade. If you can't pass my band class, you seriously are not doing well at all. The next two classes are a blur. Then I get to my second favorite part of the lunch break. I get to enjoy my lunch break in the company of my 5 buddies, 200 obnoxious kids, and 2-5 adults who feel it is their duty to dehumanize you by making you ask permission to do basic things such as go to the bathroom or get a fork. The rest of the day pretty much is slow painful torture. Especially if I'm tired. It isn't difficult work, and that is what is frustrating. I could be watching T.V. and learn more than I do at my job, but hey we've all got to make a living some how.

Okay now here is today's question.

Do you itch or scratch yourself when you are itchy?

I scratch myself. You can scratch an itch, and itch a scratch. Don't try and reverse them. (Itching itches and scratching scratches sounds and possibly looks painful.)

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Strawberry Girl said...

I too am feeling phhf... ke serra serra (whatever will be will be).

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