Friday, January 23, 2009

Dream Job

Just recently it dawned on me... I would love to work for Consumer Reports. Think about it, you get to test products and tell other people about them. You would get to try the newest coolest gadgets (all about the gadgets!). They also do tests on food and other stuff sometimes, but it is mostly electronics.
I'm going to dance tomorrow. I'm getting so flexible I can't believe it! By the time 2010 comes around I should be able to do the splits. I think the yoga has helped the most. I do yoga at least once a week and usually twice (or more depending on school).
My other blog 365 days Vegan, is a complete trainwreck. I've been making posts every day (I've only missed 2 so far), but I don't publish the posts because I don't have pictures up. So I'm on the 6th of January and I think that is something I'm going to do this long weekend (Monday is a teacher workday).
Something interesting that happened to me...a bird pooped on my dad and me. My dad said that was the third time a bird had pooped on him.

1 comment:

Strawberry Girl said...

Hmm consumer reports, do you think there hiring? :0)

Darn birds, can't they set up toilet facilities like decent animals. ;p

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