Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fed up

Today I showed a girl on my bus a comic I received (I asked for it of course) from Peta explaining in a comic book form the life of a chicken. She didn't care at all. She even said, "Well people have to eat animals to live." If murder wasn't a crime... I can think of a million witty retorts now, but all I could say at the time was:
*look of shock, horror, disbelief*
Me: Well how do you think I live then?
Her(well call her blonde buddy): Well you excluded, I'm talking about other people.

These were not the exact words but it is the closest approximation I have. Now I understand what other vegans are talking about when they say, "It isn't the food part that's hard it's dealing with all the ***holes." I completely agree with them now. I'm not calling my friend that word (well she isn't even my friend, but I sit with her on the bus and we used to be friends in 6th grade so silence is awkward). We are completely different and bump a lot. She isn't nearly as opinonated as me, and if I want to see how a regular person would react to something I test it on her (so you could call her my guinea pig). I can't test this stuff on my friends, because let's face it they aren't normal. The one thing we do have in common is acne (I know how awful!) but my should be gone soon so we won't have that in common either (we both don't like the "pretty" preps too, me because they are annoying, snotty, narrcassitic, and always have to be the center of attention. Blonde guinea pig, because they get all the male attetion. I also dislike the "pretties" because of that reason, but not so much because all the guys are immature so they can have them.) I'm going to cut this post off before I start ranting off on differences and brains and junk like that!

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Strawberry Girl said...

The snotty pretty faces always bugged me too. They don't go away either, they just get older!!

~Strawberry Girl

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