Saturday, February 07, 2009

All revved up and no one to punch...

Well I've been watching videos on YouTube, and as usual I find ignorant people (this isn't too hard as there are a lot of them). I'm getting kind of tired right now so I'm not going to go on about why everyone should be a vegan blah blah blah the usual crap. I have to do that otherwise I would have nothing to talk about. Instead of being all mean I'm going to talk about my newest greatest passion. I want to be a ballerina. I think over the summer I'll take 1-2 online courses instead of 3-5 and instead of those other courses I'll learn 7 years worth of ballet. First I'll need to work on my straddle and side splits (by work on I mean actually get down to the floor). Next I'll have to work on exercising every part of my body. I'm going to do yoga every day (or 6 days a week) over the summer and spend an hour every day learning ballet terms, another hour doing stretches, and if I can find some ballet teaching videos I'll practice a few ballet moves in my house. Then hopefully I'll be able to keep some of this up for next year and then take ballet classes in 2010. I have not clue how well this is going to work out, but I'm going to give it my best. I can do anything I want to!

I think my murad stuff is working great. My skin isn't 100% clear, but I think perhaps I was using the stuff wrong (I don't know how I screw up something that simple but, like I said people are dumb.)

I got a Wii Fit! I got one last week so you aren't missing out on anything. I think it is great and I might use it for my ballet boot camp. I don't like the yoga at all. I don't feel the same as if I actually went to a yoga class and the instructor is really annoying. I do like pretty much everything else. The games are pretty fun. I'm not really into aerobics so of course I would like that so much, but it was still pretty good. Overall I think I'd give it a 8 or a 9 out of 10.

Keyboard, well I think I have great musical talents. The reason I think this is because everyone in my band class can't remember fingering or scales or anything that requires brainpower. I was just kidding about the musical talents thing because I can't tell pitch any better than a tone deaf person. I have learned basic things like Jingle bells and such, and I'm working on the more complicated stuff. My keyboard was really always meant to be fun so I'm not real hard core.

Spanish. As you may or may not know I'm trying my hardest to learn the Spanish tongue. I've enrolled in an online course to learn Spanish and it actually counts as a grade so I'm staying motivated. I do use,, and Rosetta Stone too.

Well that is all I have to say for now my other blog 365 days vegan I think I'm just going to delete it because I can't keep up with that. Besides I don't think anyone is that interested in what I eat anyways.

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Strawberry Girl said...

I think it's great that you have so many interests and things you want to develop. Good for you!


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